Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Weather Outside is Frightful

so stay inside and get that knitting done!

The drive into the shop was a little tricky. My usual commute takes about 6 minutes, today it was about 20, many of you drive a lot more and I don't know how cope. On a day like today I remember why I loved working from home. This would be a good day to put on a roast and just stay put, but I am here at the shop.

First on the agenda is to shovel the walk, why did I not bring the 19 year old to work with me?! That done I have a bit of paperwork to do and tidy from yesterday.

Yesterday I learned all about shipping a parcel to the United States. The Mission Falls trunk show is off to another shop, it's up to me to repack it and send it on its way. Everything needs to be done just right. Fortunately Angela and Rick from James Publishing helped me with this and we spent quite a bit of the day sorting out all the paperwork. I was trying to juggle the big box and lock the front door so that I could get it up to them and who should walk by but a friend with a strong back! He carried it up the street for me..the joys of a small town.

Bowmanville has a very nice downtown. We have some great shops; Roses coffee and floral shop; The Potting Bench for the Gardener and Bird Lover on your list (Ellen says that the men come and browse at her shop while wives are in the yarn store!). Other great places to visit are: the Glass Slipper,(women's shoes, need I say more!) Cathy's Gold and way up the street the shop Gather with gifts, women's and children's clothing and a great selection of children's 'retro' toys. Behind Gather you will find The Quilter's Boutique (formerly Gould's Cards and Gifts) Rhonda is a full time quilter, with lovely fabrics, lots of flannel.

Come and visit Bowmanville, but maybe not today. Unless you love a challenge!

Apologies to my grade 10 English teacher for all the grammar errors!

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