Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Tomorrow, Christmas Day, my 'Holiday' Season begins!

I have participated in a few Christmas festivities, Choir concerts and special events, these next 10 or so days are the 'real' Christmas time.  Our tree is finally finished, we decorated it on Saturday, Christmas gifts were wrapped last night and the turkey is in the fridge.  We have 3 family dinners, one with just us (4) and 2 others with extended family.  We are never really ready!

Tonight is clean-up, hide all those 'nests' of knitting that have accumulated over the past few weeks.  Finding the dining room table will require more than just a few minutes and a big recycling box! (I don't know how or why I think that someday I might need or read everything that comes into the house!)

This is a time for family and we celebrate with those who are important to us, and are reminded that others are facing a Christmas without someone important for the first or third or tenth time. 

Keep safe everyone, happy Holidays and a Very Merry Christmas Season.

See you January 2nd!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


We all know that this is it, the last week!  Every year right at this time many are thinking: 'Next year will be different!" and it never is!

Today I am madly trying to get a few things done ahead so that I can be 'away' next week.  'The Farmer' and I have planned a little mini vacation next week, just a couple of days.  (You add all the days 'away' we have had in the last year and you can count them on one hand!)

This morning things didn't go as planned, 'The Farmer's' truck wouldn't start and it was blocking my car.  My printer wouldn't print.  I couldn't find the documents to finish doing some paper work! 

Then today I realized that tomorrow is 'The Farmer's' birthday!  How can that be already!

Christmas, I'm so glad it only happens once a year!

Tonight is knit night, I am going to just sit and enjoy!  Christmas will come whether we are ready or not!


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

One Week!

It's been an unpredictable December.  I stocked up on everything and ordered more and still they disappeared.  The shop is out of a few things, but still well stocked for gifts and of course yarn to give or use to create a gift.  Gift Certificates have been reprinted and always a welcome gift!

Quick gifts can be found in the ruffly yarn area, there are some interesting new varieties!  (I made a rather nice cowl out of one of them on Friday!)

The shop is open everyday from now until the 25th.  Check the website page for details, basically if you come between 1 pm - 4 pm, someone will be at the shop!

I have been knitting away on Sweater # 3, it is almost done!

It is a Knitt'n Night week!  That's Tomorrow! Wednesday 6 pm - 8 pm!

See you Soon.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


 Twelve Days to Go!

Some quick projects for those last minute gifts!

You could make these from your stash!

First up:  Ziyal

The yarn is Silk Bamboo from Fleece artist, it took just 65 grams of the 100 gram skein. (I know the picture says that the yarn is Lady Godiva, but that's what happens when you take pictures at 5:30 on Saturday!  oops!)

Next is Ariosa Cowl from Classic Elite.The yarn is Chalet from Classic Elite, buttery soft Alpaca.  The pattern is completely reversible and a quick knit.  It does take 2 balls, but still a lovely gift. 

Gifts for knitters, easy?  Great yarn, good tools or a gift certificate!  This interchangeable set from Knitter's Pride comes with a lovely box and is a limited edition set!  

The Shop has been a busy place!  Hope you are in the process of completing all those projects you had planned!  ( I certainly will be madly working away on the days before the big event!)

See you Soon!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Did you know that Soper Creek Yarn has been open for 4 years?  This will be our 5th Christmas Season!
It's been quite an adventure these past years and  for the first time in a while we are having a Customer Appreciation Event!  It begins....on Wednesday!  

Customer Appreciation Days
5, 6, 7
20 – 50%off
Selected yarn and  Accessories
(Noro, Fleece Artist, Sock Yarn, Namaste Knitting Bags……)
Friday, Dec 7th
 is Moonlight Magic and we will be Open until 10 pm!

Today, Tuesday we are preparing for the sale....

See You Soon!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Quick Knits!

Need a couple of quick gifts!
These super quick 'Fabulous Fake Fingerless' mitts, designed by Helen, are just cute as a button.  (We love the buttons!)

It takes just one ball of the Diamond Luxury Collection 'Highland Lux' and at $7.95 a ball a very reasonable gift for almost everyone on your List!

The best part is that the pattern is Free when you purchase the yarn required!  

See You Soon!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


It was 'The Farmer's' day off on Sunday and just like the last one three weeks ago I found him something to do!  

When Soper Creek Yarn opened 4 years ago, (yes I know) I had literally minutes to decide on a light fixture for the windows.  The guys doing the electrical work had arrived and wanted to do everything right away.  I raced down to the nearest shop that had light fixtures and picked out something.  After they were up I realized they were wrong.  After years of playing around with bulbs and timers the only solution was new fixtures.

The biggest issue is that the fixture has to have a fairly large base to hide the huge hole in the ceiling that used to hold a large pot light fixture. The lights need to highlight the objects in the window and not the ceiling of the window display.   We considered a track system but that meant removing the screen 'The Farmer' installed and I really didn't want to do that.  Saturday night after the Shop closed I went shopping for fixtures and found a very nice simple design that seemed to fit all the requirements.  Then purchased a new timer so that the lights will go off late at night and we won't waste electricity.

The first light went up pretty easily.  The second became this big production as nothing was lining up.  At one point a knitting needle was just the right tool to help things along.  A 2mm needle was too flimsy the 4.5mm was just the right gauge.

Wonder what project I will have lined up for 'The Farmer' on his next day off?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sweaters 1,2...3?

There have been a few projects in my knitting bag(s).  It was time to round them up and get them done.
Sweater #1: I started sometime in the summer.  A new yarn made it's way into the shop and it soon became a favourite of many customers.  Malabrigo Arroyo is a DK weight superwash, hand dyed, merino (sigh..)! It was a delight to knit, even if I had to use 2 balls at the same time to keep the colours blending well throughout the sweater.  The sweater is a 'Knitting pure and simple' pattern, top down, no seams and custom fit and it does. The clasp is new to the shop from JUL designs.

Sweater # 2:

I began this shortly after  a Baby Boy was born.  The shop is filled with lovely baby samples that could have easily worked as a quick baby gift, but none suited this baby.  I chose another favourite yarn; Liberty wool from Classic Elite.  Washable wool with great long runs of colour.

 I started when we moved The Boy back to school. I didn't like the way the colours were 'pooling'  so it was 'frogged'.  I began again with the same yarn opting to alternate 2 balls to give the sweater a striped effect, again the colours pooled.  The light turquoise and almost mustard colour became too strong for a sweater for a tiny baby.  I frogged again. I was about to give up when 'The Boy' suggested I take out the offending colours.  (I don't like to do that as I think that the designers of the yarn 'know' colours.)

I pulled out all the light turquoise and yellow!  Made a short sleeved version as I was now short of yarn.  I think it is perfect!

Sweater # 3:

Let's just say it needs some work?

Don't forget Santa comes to Bowmanville on Saturday, the Parade starts at 10:30 and finishes at about noon.

See you Soon!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


It's been a busy weekend for this family.  "The Farmer's" niece was married on Saturday, which meant the girl arrived home on Friday (with 'The BF') and  they were our Family representatives at the Ceremony.  'The Farmer' and I were busy with 'Chores' and The Shop.  The Wedding was lovely and the dinner was a treat!

While we had 'The Girl's' car home it was time to change to winter tires and check the engine for any repairs.

Check out the manicure! 
Usually the engines are bigger and the vehicle colour is green!

After a quick visit she was headed back to work!  

I am taking the day to recover and try to design the Christmas Windows!.

(I did get to the Cenotaph today for the Remembrance day ceremonies, I cried!)

See you Soon.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We have made some progress this week:
 The loom had been moved into its space, just don't look to the left of the picture, the mattress is leaning on the wall on the other side.  They come to get that on Monday.  The Boy moved some things out to the workshop and the carpet is dry in The Girl's room and everything can go back into place.

Paperwork is up to date! Knitting however is still behind.  I did  finished one cowl and Sweater #1.  I have been working on another little sweater, ripped it back twice and was about to give up, when 'The Boy' suggested I remove the yellow sections from the yarn.  Brilliant!  (The yarn is Liberty Wool, a lovely yarn but the colourway was not working for the pattern. You will understand once the sweater is done.) Just the button bands to finish and that will be sweater #2 done.  Sweater #3 is...well in a bag waiting.

New into the shop this week, sock yarn!  New colours of Supersocke and Jawoll!

Remember Sock yarn isn't always just for socks!

Hope you had a safe and Happy Halloween!

See you Soon!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Life these past few weeks has been a just a little hectic, no great events, just stuff.  The house is in chaos and it all started when we brought home a 45" loom.  Right now it is in the middle of the room we like to call our Sun-room.  It is a lovely spot for it, loads of light and a nice view of the Farm.  The  problem is that it means no one can visit, and the Christmas tree will have to find a new place of honour.  The decision was made and we are moving things out of a very small bedroom/closet and finding new homes for those items; in other rooms, giving them away or throwing them out!  (It's a 30 year old mattress, no one wants it!)  But like everything else it means that while we are at it we may as well, clean out 'The Girl's' closet, steam clean the carpet in her room and make it into the spare bedroom, (That contains all her stuff!)

That's the house, there are Farm accounts to keep up to date and the shop is demanding more attention as knitting season is upon us.  Saturday I had made a plan of attack: 
1. Move the Loom out of the Sun-room
2. Finish one of the three sweaters I have on the go
3. Finish one cowl and start another
 and possibly finish the second Turkish bed sock 
4. Get caught up with the paper work!
  It was all too much.

Then the distraction happened, I had this great idea for a window, or at least part of the window display.  I could make fabric falling leaves.  I went through the scraps I have been accumulating and fused 'Autumnal' colours together and The Farmer and I cut out leaf shapes.  Then I decided they needed  some details embroidered on them, I found the perfect yarn!  We made 50. After hanging them in one window I decided we needed 20 more!  (This pretty much took up 3 evenings, so much for the knitting, cleaning and paperwork!.)

But aren't they pretty, I look forward to using them for many years!

A new Yarn arrived this week, I remember ordering it way back in June!  

October was coined Socktober by some in the knitting world, I missed that memo!

The shop is filled to the brim, and re-orders are pretty much every week or two, if its not in stock we can get it pretty quick, as long as the company has it in stock!

See you Soon.!

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Farmer gets a hat!

The Farmer didn't really need a hat but this yarn arrived and the texture was just too lovely to miss!

The yarn is Cascade Greenland which came into the shop 2 weeks ago, but I only received a fraction of the order I placed.  It was a clearance yarn from the supplier and the price meant that it now became affordable.  The suggested retail was about $12 for 100 grams, right now in the shop it is $6.95 each, not bad for 100 grams of superwash merino!  It took 150 grams to make this toque.  You could easily make a beanie out of just one.  But hurry there aren't many left.

The pattern is from Ravelry: A hat fit for a Fella

Bowmanville's Apple Festival was a huge success, a lot of clearance yarn found new homes.  Some lucky shoppers picked up a few of the Samples we had on sale.  The weather was perfect, considering the weather people all predicted rain the whole day earlier in the week.

I am at home today, doing those things you get to do on your days off, laundry, cleaning...paperwork. Our nice mail delivery person just dropped a box of lovely new shawl pins and patterns from a new company.

You will have to wait to see the rest!

See you Soon.

Friday, October 5, 2012


October is a special month here at Soper Creek Yarn.  Four years ago I was walking through this space trying to decide whether I really wanted to take a giant leap and open my own Yarn Shop.  I blogged about it last year.  The time has flown by so quickly!  The shop has exploded into more than I could imagine.  I am stocking yarns I never knew existed and I have learned so much, from everyone!  Thank-you!

My friend Karen mentioned this morning that her business is Celebrating its 18th Anniversary!.  We have become great friends and I worked for her for many years as a contract sewer.  If you have never been to her shop, drop in, its lovely.

Bowmanville has some great shops and one of our favourite events happens next weekend.  Bowmanville's Apple Festival happens next Saturday:


We will try to celebrate 'Applefest' a day early, for those of you who can't make it down on Saturday.  Friday we will, for the first time, have some of the shop samples available for sale, and the clearance yarn will be available that day as well.  (Just hope for good weather!)

It is Thanksgiving weekend a time for celebrating all that we have! 


Thursday, September 27, 2012


I was excited to start this project using the Misti Alpaca Qolla.  I played with colours for awhile on Saturday  and  decided to use a Casscade 220 in soft green as the 2nd colour.  Tuesday night I cast on the 200 plus stitches and knit about 2 inches.
 The Misti Alpaca was completely lost in the design.  The green was too bright and this was not working.  Wednesday I frogged (rippit, rippit) all the previous nights work.
I cast on the stitches again and last night I reknit the pattern.  The Misti Alpaca now is the predominant colour and the green is a lovely contrast.  

Sometimes it takes a few tries to get what you want!

What else am I working on:  A little boy sweater that has ripped back once, and may spend a bit of time in the basket until I decide whether to finish it or frog it too!  Then there are 6 inches of a sleeve to finish on a sweater for myself.  (Maybe that will get done this weekend!)

In just 2 weeks it is Bowmanville's Apple Festival and Craft Sale.   We plan to have tables with clearance yarn and a 'sample' sale.  There is quite a selection of lovely samples that need to find a new home.  

Lots to do..

See you Soon.

Friday, September 21, 2012

FO's and WIP's

I love it when customers bring in 'show and tell'. I usually take a picture. Here are some:
Baby Bunting, Crochet into a squishy blanket, don't ask me how she did it!

Berroco Comfort Dk, and a Sirdar Pattern.  Cute as a button, with cute buttons!

Hemlock Ring Blanket using Nature Wool took under 4 skeins  and a quick  knit!

This is Lori, she knits 6 inch squares for the 'One square at a time ' project.  In fact she has made so many squares there are several blankets that contain only her work.

That's just a few of the many things created by friends of the shop.  It is always nice to see everyone's projects.

The 'brisk' weather has made the shop cooler and busier and some are thinking about those Gifts that need to be made!  

This week there was a call from the nice Ladies at Fleece Artist and the first half of the order is being shipped early next week.  A lovely addition to our 'precious' yarn display, with the Malabrigo, Noro, Koigu and Manos!

See You Soon!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Misti Alpaca

Late again!  This week's yarn post is the whole company, or at least the yarns I choose from this company.

Misti Alpaca is one of those lovely small companies that create beautiful yarns using natural fibres.  In this case each yarn features Alpaca, a lovely soft fibre that is light and warm.  When blended with wool and nylon it creates a soft and warm sock yarn, but it really is too nice for most sock patterns.  

 I was inspired by the Linen stitch scarf pattern to try a 'one colour' version.  The dyed to the stitch colourways are very good for this design.  The texture is lovely and one ball makes a nice scarf.  If you knit for knitting's sake then this  is a great patten for you.

If however you like quick projects this cowl is just the trick.  Using Misti Alpaca Handpaint Chunky it works up quick and soft. Looks great over a sweater and under a jacket.

 New to the shop is Qolla a worsted weight, Alpaca and Merino blend. The colours are amazing.

I am surprised that I have not taken a skein home to 'test'.

Also new this week is another order from Koigu, 12 new colours...Linen stitch scarf anyone!

See you Soon.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Go Big or Go Home

Monday's new Yarn post is a day late, today  you will get 2 new yarns in one post.

Thanks to Frances for doing up this sample for the shop.  Ropes Cowl, designed by Kristina Larson for Gina  Brown's Yarn in Calgary.  Such a cute pattern, just I-cord loops in increasing lengths, made from Malabrigos' Rasta.  You will find that we have 3 colourways in this Super Bulky Yarn.  It takes only one 150 gram skein to make this pattern.

 I made this cowl in 2 evenings. Using 12 mm needles,  Provisionally  cast on 25 stitches and knit until you have enough left to cast off.  Ideally you would do a graft/Kitchener stitch  to join the 2 ends but I choose a 3 needle bind off.

 It's big and bulky, but you will thank me in January when you need that big scarf around your neck.
 Both patterns are easy beginner designs and would make great gifts!

The shop is becoming very full with a whole bunch of new yarn.  Today a bit of Noro arrived and 2 new yarns from Sirdar, they had lovely samples!

Happy Knitting everyone!
See you Soon

Sunday, September 9, 2012


I love deadlines, they force you to get things done. Most projects I start will get finished in pretty good time. Then the odd time a project, especially a big project will seem to spend a  lot of time in the WIP (work in progress) pile.  These projects need a deadline, a real deadline. I began this project just after Kay Gardiner published the pattern to raise funds to support Mercy Corps, they were raising funds to help those affected by the earthquake in Japan in early 2011.

After beginning the afghan in March I decided to have it done in time to enter into the Orono Fair's Cultural Expressions Class. I completed 11 squares of the 12 I had planned and then the unthinkable happened, I ran out of yarn!  Silly shop wouldn't have any more until after the deadline.  I set the whole thing aside and then it happened, time passed and it now was a few weeks until my next established deadline: Orono Fair 2012.  I did decide, since I had to purchase 10 balls of the background yarn to finish the blanket, I should really make 4 more squares. The squares were easy, putting the whole thing together meant it no longer was a portable project. The deadline became closer and life was getting in the way.  The entries had to be into the hands of the judges by 10 am Thursday morning.  I was knitting the last few inches of the border after Wednesday's Knitt'n Night.

 I have to say I do love this blanket.  Every stitch was a knit stitch, no purls in this project.  It used up a whole bunch of odd balls of Noro Silk Garden. Garter stitch and Noro in the same project!

Oh yes, I won first prize, it had more to do with the design than the knitting. (The pattern is called Mitered Crosses Blanket for Japan, so far the pattern sales have generated more than $18,000)

 Entering the Fair is like eating potato chips, you can't just enter one thing, you may as well enter a bunch.
It always surprises me to see what the Judges like, especially when they are mine.

I guess I should look through my pile of unfinished objects (UFO's) and see what I could enter next year.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Mille Colori Socks & Lace

 New colours of this lovely yarn arrived a couple of weeks ago.  A fingering weight yarn, with a soft superwash wool and nylon blend with a long colour run, which means it is perfect for entrelac and making Wingspan.

This is mine, hanging on my new non knitting 'toy"!

A tiny box arrived this week from a new supplier:  buttons and shawl pins, I was surprised how few I purchased and how much I spent, but aren't they adorable.  I have trouble finding 'cute' buttons for boys, the sailboats are just perfect.

Regular store hours return:
  Tuesday - Saturday 10 am - 5 pm.  (other times by appointment)

Knitt'n Nights begin again! September 5th and 19th.  

Technique Tuesdays (10:30 - 12:00)
 Sock it to me Thursdays (1:00 - 2:30) 
will run for September and October.  (see sidebar for details)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Comfort Worsted

Since the shop opened in 2008 Berroco yarns have been one of the favourites.  It started with comfort DK and several colours of Comfort Sock.

New this season is Comfort Print: A worsted weight yarn, an acrylic and nylon blend, with loads of colour.  Perfect for a quick baby sweater or blanket.  

New yarn keeps arriving every week, the shop is getting pretty filled!

This week, the last week of summer the hours are shortened a bit, and the shop is closed Friday and Saturday this week for the Labour Day weekend.

Also this week the ruffly yarn is all on Sale, 20 - 50% off, but only until Thursday.

Shop Hours:  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10 am - 4pm!  Just this week then back to regular hours next week!