Friday, September 23, 2011

My new favourite thing:

It all started on a drive through the beautiful Ontario countryside. Using the only needle I had with me I created a very cute baby hat using the 'Magic loop' method of knitting. The hat, including the little I-cord knot was completed using only my 4mm 40 inch addi turbo needle.
It really is magic.
It was then decided that we should teach this as a class. A Magic Loop Christmas Stocking. A sample was made to perfect the technique.
That was done, how about mittens!
Look at me go! A pair of socks, 2 at a time on one needle. Magic! You can teach an old knitter a new trick!

If you would like to learn to knit a sock using either double pointed needles, 2 circulars or magic loop, join us on Saturdays (October 29, November 5th and 12th) at 9;30 am - 11 am. Fee for the class is $30 plus materials (pattern, needles and yarn)

Sign up soon, pre-payment ensures your place. (We have the 3 required to run the class, 4 more and the class is filled.)

See you Soon

Saturday, September 17, 2011


This week has been a hectic week to say the least.

Monday, into the City to get more Yarn.

The rest of the week was spent trying to put away and organise all the yarn received in the past couple of weeks. This cool weather has brought many knitters and crocheters out of hiding and back into the shop. It really makes for a good week when you like what I like.

Today, well lets just say I attempted to tidy. I am looking forward to tomorrow, not because it is my day off, but because I will be heading off to a trade show for more yarn and yarn goodies.

Monday...I get to sleep in! ;)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Orono Fair!

I just returned from picking up my entries to the Fair, some came home with ribbons and some didn't. It's always interesting to see who wins! There were some great entries.
Even though there aren't many window design awards, I think this 'Manos' is one of my favourite and wins an award for how easy it was to put together.

What do you think?

Friday 2 big boxes arrived filled with some great new yarns! Monday I am planning to head into the big city to pick up some more, the shop is filled with some great stuff!

See you Soon.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day!

This is the first "first Day of School" that 'The Girl' isn't enjoying, we bought her some 'back to school' stuff anyway just to celebrate!
However this is the first day back for "The Boy", I watched him drive away with all his 'worldly' goods loaded into the back of the truck!

It's sad in one way, but I have the dining room back!

Thank-you for letting me have the weekend to spend with him as he scrambled to get ready. The next Saturday off for me: July 2012!

Boxes have arrived, no rest.....

See you Soon

Thursday, September 1, 2011

You asked?

One of the most asked questions: Do you do Lessons?

Gwen and I decided that we would offer some lessons.

First up:

Christmas Stocking (Really big sock)!

You will learn:
How to knit a basic sock.
3 circular knitting techniques: (4 needles, 2 circular and magic loop).

The Fee for the 3 lessons is $30.00 plus materials. (We require at least 3 to run the class with a maximum of 7)

(Saturdays: October 29th, November 5th and 12th. 9:30 am - 11:00 am.)

Sign up soon, payment ensures you a spot and fees are non refundable once classes begin.