Saturday, July 31, 2010

Getting Ready:

Remember how I have been moving stuff around. Well I found a few things that need to move out of the shop. Nice yarn, but either there is not enough to do a sweater or I am replacing it with new stuff.

This weekend I will be looking at each of them and deciding on how much I want them gone!

The list includes a little of everything!...

Keep watching the 'What's on Sale' List for up dates.

Friday, July 30, 2010


One Hundred and Thirty Four!

That's the number of Helmet Liners the Knitters of Trinity United Church and Friends of Soper Creek Yarn have completed!


Remember that they need to be into the shop by August 16th.

134 Soldiers will receive warm hugs at Christmas...Thank-you!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What we did on this hot muggy day!

Moved Yarn!

Cheryl came in for a quick visit. ( Semi adopted child, her mom and I are friends, and she and The Girl were born the same year.) She looked like she was up for a challenge so I convinced her to stay a bit and help me out.

We moved a lot of yarn, I am trying to be more organised and put things in 'logical' order'; but there are little exceptions to the plan.

After a couple of hours of work the shop looks much better, there are still a few things to move, but at least the place doesn't look like a tornado came through.

I have been working away at this 'renovation' so I am glad that it's almost done.

(The other day, I had moved some yarn out of one of the shelving units with a little help from another customer. Friday morning I looked at the display and wondered how I could get the shelves down from where they were stacked. Who should walk in but the Phys Ed teacher from the high school, husband of a knitter, looking for a little bit of yarn. He helped me get the shelves down and moved to the back. Gotta Love small towns!)

Only a few things left on the 'to do' list and I am ready for Fall!

See you soon.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Imagine yourself, sitting in your favorite chair beside a glowing Tree with beautifully wrapped gifts under it. All or many of the gifts are lovingly hand knit by you. None of the gifts contain needles, patterns or wool, all are complete. In your lap is something you are knitting for yourself...

This dream could come true in just...5 months from today!

Have a great weekend...stay cool.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Little Frazzled!

Yesterday, Wednesday, was a bit crazy!

I started the day working on some sewing for the shop 'Gather' up the street. I made/make Children's Jumpers and Hats. I haven't made a jumper for a while, but I was amazed at how quickly the garment went together.

Got to the bank, then opened the shop, which is in a complete mess. I knew a sales rep was coming to show me new stuff for fall. (There is so much yarn...if only we had unlimited funds, you would have loved it!) Then the day got busy, I felt very frazzled because I couldn't find anything.

At the end of the day, I looked at my feet. I was wearing my house slippers!

Today things will be better, I have on the right shoes.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Busy Busy Busy?

Well it's July and in Ontario Yarn shops are gearing up for the fall. New things are arriving. Old stock needs to be cleared.

This weeks agenda is to move the shop! Well not the space but the stuff in the space. I was able to find some new stands to hold yarn and patterns, this has made me look at ways of making the store more organised.

This week I am moving yarn, so if I look a little frazzled and lost be patient.

I went into the big city yesterday and picked up a few supplies. (I don't mind driving but that stretch across the 'top' of Toronto has got to be the most stressful piece of highway. I found myself peeling my fingers off the steering wheel as I got off the 401!)

Today there are bags of yarn, some shiny new hooks to hold yarn and more bags for customers to take yarn out of the shop!

While I am re-arranging yarn I am finding some stuff to put on Sale...goodbye or good buys depending on which side of the counter you are on!

See You Soon

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Ugly Lace Thing!

After finishing the BLT (Big Lace Thing) I started another Circular Shawl. If Elizabeth Zimmerman was alive she would have celebrated being 100 this year. In honour of her Birthday I thought I should knit her famous Pi Shawl. Instead of doing it as she had made it, I was making it like she would have wanted us to do, by choosing our own lace sections. I was working away at it, but not really liking the results. I plodded along getting up to 288 stitches in the round, still not happy. I got to the increase where I had 576 stitches and knit 4 rounds, new lace design but I just didn't feel right about the whole project.
Then after seeing Gwen's VBLT (very big lace thing) I had to rip it back and start with another design. The yarn is Classic Elite's Silky Alpaca Lace, lovely Yarn, but for something else.I started a triangle shawl last night.

Today a lovely box of Misti Alpaca arrived. Just what I needed more insulation!
Trying to stay cool.

Ramen Knitting 101

Gwen sent me this link, actually a very good learn to knit tutorial!

(Don't bother me I am making dinner!)

Keep cool!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


VERY Big Lace Thing!

My friend Gwen, knitter extraordinaire, decided that the new baby arriving into their extended family deserved a special gift. Just before Easter she approached me about the best choice of yarn for a 'traditional' Scottish Lace shawl. We looked through the selection I have in stock, and then I suggested that she try Zephyr. A lovely Merino wool and Silk blend, lace weight and strong. She thought she would need 4, I ordered 5.

The pattern is actually a lace tablecloth pattern from the 1950's by Marianne Kinzel.

Gwen has been knitting on this everyday since Easter, at least 2 hours a day sometimes more. She has 'tinked' back many times. It became clear that this was turning into a huge project (she came back in for the 5th ball) and her biggest issue was finding a large enough flat space (animal free) to block it. I suggested she come to the shop.

Saturday afternoon she and her kid arrived with tiles and a freshly soaked shawl.

I thought first that we could do this on the floor, then I decided against that! We cleared the table added a leaf and moved the sewing desk against the table. The tiles fit nicely over the table and chairs held up the odd droopy corner. Gwen came prepared in that she had created a 6 foot circle with pen already marked on the tiles.
and we began:
We carefully eased the we knitting onto the clean 'blocking' boards, actually those spongy tiles you buy from the big box store for kids to play on.
Pinned the centre and started to measure and pin the obvious straight lines.

we used a lot of pins

We ran out of pins, (if you knew how many I had at home you would find this funny) fortunately the fabric store up the street was open.

after we finished pinning every 'loop' in the edging Gwen gave the whole thing another squirt of water, despite the humidity it was drying very quickly

The finished shawl, ready for its closeup!

We met on Sunday to unpin and quickly put the shop back together. It's beautiful!
Gwen has truly created a family heirloom.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Big Lace Thing!
I have been working on this for just over a month, which is really quite fast for the size of this project. It began as a way of using up some of the stray skeins of Berroco's Vintage wool. Hemlock Ring is an old lace doily pattern reborn as a smallish throw or baby blanket. Once you have finished fighting with the centre section the rest is really very simple, 4 rows of knitting around and around and then one row of endless counting yo's and ktog or ssk. I stopped at just after the small version...I was running out of yarn. The border takes a huge amount of yarn but it's worth doing.
Many on Ravelry have made this, usually out of even thicker yarn. Next time I would choose 100% natural fibres, blocks much easier. (Used a little steam persuasion, not always recommended with yarn that contains nylon and acrylic.)
This weekend I think we may watch a little sports game happening in South Africa.

Having Internet access to the shop meant I could watch the game on Tuesday! Very exciting. Also fun to watch the local Dutch Community 'whooping' it up outside just after the game.
Hup Holland Hup!
I think I might knit something orange!
Keep cool!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Watch this: Renate Hiller - "On Handwork"

thanks to Mason Dixon knitting for the link.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Too hot to knit?

I must admit that knitting has taken a holiday with this heat.

Good time to go through your patterns and your Christmas (yes I wrote that word!) list and think about what you are going to knit!

The shop is in a bit of chaos right now, we are moving stuff around. A couple of new (new to me!) display racks are ready to be filled with stock.

I huge shipment of Baba Tree Baskets is waiting to be soaked and shaped in my house. Some new designs and colours! Gregory (the basket wrangler) has decided to make this the last shipment he is bringing into Canada. Bureaucracy and increasing costs are making it more difficult for him to be competitive.

Pictures to follow shortly.

Trying to keep cool in this air-conditioning free zone!

See you Soon

Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm Back!

Holidays are over for now, we had a nice couple of days away! We took a trip to Ottawa to visit The Girl. We managed to get lost a couple of times on the way into this lovely city. At one point I said 'we are going south? Shouldn't we be heading north?'
We visited the Museum of Agriculture the first day, saw some cows and tractors!
The gardens were lovely, volunteers everywhere weeding a dead heading plants.

The roses were amazing!
We visited many of the places that the Queen was going to visit: Rideau Hall and the Museum of Nature we drove around the Parliament Buildings (lost again). The Girl has lived there for almost 5 years but we still manage to get completely turned around!
On the way home we had a tour of the Diefenbunker a fascinating place!
Not much knitting, but before I left I finished the big lace thing.
Working on the HST, this week it will be all about accounting!
See You Soon.