Friday, May 28, 2010

Some days there just ain't no fish!

A friend of mine used to say that on days when her shop just seemed to be not very busy, or days when you spend too much on re-orders that you feel you aren't getting ahead.

The next two months I expect to have quite a few days with very little fish. Trying to keep busy is a lot harder then being busy all day.

I was remined of the phrase yesterday when The Husband re-counted his day. They did some 'Custom work' yesterday, which means they went to another farm to help put in hay. It took 7 hours to complete the job, which gave him X number of dollars. While they were there they needed a part to help with the job $A, then the big machine they were using needs a huge repair, $B and then one of the trucks ran over a pipe $C that shredded a tire which meant replacing all 4 back tires (they were going to do that any way) $D. Problem is A + B + C + D > X, so you see some days 'there just ain't no fish'.

What we do have lately is a lot of Helmet Liners, but not enough yet. Keep up the good work.

Just to 'warn' you on Saturday, June 5th, King Street will be closed for the day to accomodate the Heroes Highway Ride. I don't have much information about this event. I just know that a lot of motorcylces will be riding from Trenton to Bowmanville, Leaving Trenton at 11:00 and heading here. If you are planning to come, come early.

See you soon, keep cool.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Serena is a new yarn from the Manos collection, made with Baby Alpaca and pima cotton. Soft drapey and smooth to knit. I chose a little scarf pattern that has the edging knit along the side edge as you go. (Pimpelliese from Ravelry) Great pattern, because I was using 2 different colours keeping track of the pattern was very easy.
I weighed the balls of yarn and when I got close to being half way I started the decreases to finish the shawl.

I love how the lace edge curves around the neck.
Fun knit, garter stitch, my favourite.
You want to know about the pile of mulch? I worked away at it, despite the fact that the wheelbarrow had a flat tire, I have managed to move about 1/3 of the pile. A recycling box holds about 3 cubic feet. Lots of trips back and forth, great workout!
I wish I could say that I have finished 1/3 of my projects.

I have come to the shop to recover!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


My knitting bag is overflowing with projects: but now the front yard is overflowing with mulch.

I am tired already! Thanks to The Boy for delivering this at some very early time this morning! (That's 3 cubic yards of cedar mulch, by the way!)
Guess what we are doing this weekend!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baba Tree Baskets!

June is coming very quickly and Gregory will be back in Canada with a new shipment of Baba Tree Baskets. I would love to order more, to keep him and the basket weavers in production, but looking around the store I have too many to justify an order. In order to create room I am putting the existing stock of Baskets on Sale, yup you read that right, on Sale for 25% off.

If you have been hesitant about getting one of these, for yourself or a gift, come now! There is a good selection. (But only until June 1st)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This past weekend I was infected by a serious case of 'startitis' . I brought home a couple of yarns, some I have been waiting to try. What started as a bag made with some of the Mango Moon yarn that's been calling me is now going to be a top using Creative Focus Linen as a contrast. The bag is now being made using a skein of Berroco's Weekend Cotton and Acrylic blend. There is a ball of 100% angora that needs a sample. (Think retro baby hat) Then there is the shawl/scarf I started out of the new Manos Serena.

The Mango Moon recycled viscose is an interesting yarn that I have ripped back 3 times, once because instead of a bag, I was going to try and make a shawl, but it wasn't working for me. Then I thought I could make a summery tank, using the linen contrast yarn as some of the stripes. I measured the gauge did the math multiplied by the finished measurement and then added a 'few' to be sure, only then to rip it back and take out the 'few'.
Last night I worked away at this, I think I am happy with the results, only thing..need more yarn!
A box of stuff just arrived, I think I am going to like this!
See you soon!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weddings part 2

The Wedding was lovely, tons of kids and babies, well a dozen maybe. They were very well behaved not a peep out of any of them. Then there was a service dog, I didn't see it until the end of the service! A real family celebration, they will have a great time tonight!

Congratulations Bride and Groom and families!

Back to knitting! It's been a rough day! (kidding!)

See you soon

Friday, May 14, 2010


Tomorrow, Saturday, there's a wedding!

The Shop will be closed from 2 pm - 4pm! (Just 2 hours)

I will apologize now for pushing you out the door at 1:55!

I will be back after 4 and will stay until 6 ish!

The weather looks like it's going to co-operate!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Soper Creek

Some of you may wonder why the Shop is named Soper Creek Yarn. Every business needs a name and I spent a lot of time thinking about this, years really. At one point one of the locations that may have been an option was at the back of another shop, so "Yarn in Back" was an option. Then in doing research it was suggested not to name a Knitting shop starting with the letter 'K', it takes up a whole file drawer in any suppliers office. Then there are all the great names already taken, you know them.

Soper Creek runs through most of the property that we live on, it makes its way towards Lake Ontario meandering through the Eastern side of Bowmanville, ending at Soper Creek park.
After dealing with building permits and talking about 'Soper Creek Watershed' the light bulb turned on! Soper Creek it was!

Just a few feet from our house, is a tiny little water way the makes its way down to Soper Creek. If like in the story "Paddle to the Sea" I built a little boat and set it free in our backyard it would make its way to Lake Ontario. For the past 25 years it's been The Husbands mission to control this little waterway. We have placed railway ties on the bank, only to have them wash away during the spring flooding. We have put in culverts only to have a driving spring rain wash away all the soil around it and send it floating downstream. Water will go where ever it wants, fortunately its only made its way into the basement only once.

Last night instead of the usual pick-up truck coming home, a tractor and wagon loaded with stones filled the driveway. Those of you who have grown up on a farm in the Canadian Shield will all know the joys of spring time 'rock picking'. Every year the frost brings up a whole new crop, ready to damage any piece of expensive farm machinery. I spent many hours following a tractor and wagon loading and then unloading tons of stones.

Yesterday friends down the road gladly shared their crop with us. Last night we unloaded the wagon, lining the stream with the stones.

So today, hands hurt and there are new muscles in my back! (There are more coming later!)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

86,000 Stitches

240 or so Yarn overs, 120 knit 2 tog and SSK and you get this:A Summery cottony shawl. Loads of mindless knitting and fun. Noro Sekku a Cotton, wool, silk and nylon blend. Two 100 gram ball, $9.95 ea. The pattern is loosely based on "Baktus" found on Ravelry. (Tinafied!)
Today I got to play with a bunch of shawl pins and buttons. Only picked up a few, but now I have a good stock of these handmade in Ontario goodies.

and you thought I only had yarn!

Friday, May 7, 2010


It's been a busy place here at Soper Creek Yarn:

Getting close to finishing that long triangle thing, done in garter stitch on 3mm needles and string. Noro Sekku, lovely summery stuff.

This week some new yarn that just begged to be knit. Manos Serena, cotton and baby alpaca, soft as butter. Just a few of the colours. Notice the empty peg, one colour is completely out of stock already! I found a shawl pattern that is perfect, Pimpelliese from Ravelry. Just to make it interesting I am blending a soft green and pale yellow.

Helmet liners are coming in, I hope to have 100 to send to Ottawa in August. Come and see me, there is some yarn available to use at no cost to the knitter!

Spring cleaning is happening, Tempo Worsted is on Sale for $3 for 100 grams. A lovely Acrylic/ wool blend that is washable.

The best for last: Malabrigo!

Yummy, Yummy sock yarn, but great for scarves and shawls. Lots of knitting in a skein. Colours are amazing.

So much Yarn, so little time.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


May 5th 1945 a date in Dutch History that will be forever remembered by the citizens of The Netherlands. Tomorrow is the 65th anniversary of the Liberation of Holland.

My Parents, Grandparents and all of my relatives were survivors of that terrible time. My mother would have been 8 years old. My Mother's conversations are filled with the phrases, "before the war', 'after the war' or 'that was during the war'. Many Dutch citizens don't like to talk about the conditions, it's just too hard to relive those events.

One thing my Mother does remember is that just after the Liberation my Grandfather went up into the attic of their tiny home a brought down all the valuables: silver, copper and other important things that they put away. I have some theories about why he would have put them into hiding, to keep them from being stolen by the Nazis and other desperate people and also so that they would not be tempted to sell them when times got very tough. So in effect those things were Liberated too.

Today I am reading various articles about the Celebrations happening around the world. Needless to say some of them have left me feeling a little emotional.

Thinking about the soldiers who were only the age of The Boy, being exposed to all that terrible stuff, and how much we needed them to be there. To all of the Canadian families that sent their Children to help us, thank-you.

As you know, we are currently making Helmet Liners to be given to our Soldiers who will be away from home at Christmas. We are hoping to send 100 from Bowmanville, to add to the 4000 being made across the country.

If you are interested, yarn, needles and pattern are available through the Shop.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

and then it RAINED

Maplefest was a busy, busy place. People were milling about taking in all the events and then it poured! The Spinners that came went out for some lunch and were soaking wet by the time they made their way back into the shop. Towels were found, as many wet layers as possible were removed and tea was made!

A great time was had by all!