Monday, January 30, 2012


 It's Finished!  (Except for a few ends to tie in!)

In the previous post I wrote about working on this blanket and my determination to finish it while watching "Downton Abbey".  All week I looked at the colours and asked any and all who would listen about my dilemma.  I wanted to add a very wide brown border to the outside, like a giant wool frame.  The problem was that 2 of the outside colours were very close in colour to the outside shade that it meant adding another round of colours to the outside making sure that they contrasted well with the border.

The biggest problem is that the Yarn shop owner sold all the good colours to make Helmet liners for our soldiers and is not replacing that brand of yarn.  Then on Saturday I found another ball of the very centre colour, which was not used anywhere else in the blanket.  The plan was to make a thin red border around the whole blanket and then add the big brown frame.

I added the thin red frame yesterday and today I finished the final cast off.  I decided that it doesn't need the big border after all and declare it to be done!
Its lovely and squishy and hides the orange couch quite well.

Problem is Downton Abbey continues for another few weeks!  What will I work on?
See you Soon!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Finished Objects!

 Gwen's 198 yards of Heaven,  Features Diamond Luxury Collection Mullberry and Merino, yummy!

What do you do when there are twins coming?  Knit 4 Baby Surprise Jackets and wait! (Liberty Wool from Classic Elite.)
 Done! 2 at a time socks finished using Regia's Scarf to Socks yarn.  Hard to explain, easy to knit!

 I am calling this my Downton Abbey knitting.  Garter stitch Log cabin, I have been working on this for 3 years now, maybe by the time the series ends I will be close to being done!
Need a gift for a favourite knitter.  Knit Happy Mugs.  Cute!

The shop is busy, yarn comes in and goes out.

Next month is looking to be filled with some fun things, Anniversary Celebration, Yarn Challenge...I will keep you posted!

See you Soon!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Catching Up!


Where has the time gone, it's the middle of January and I am feeling very behind.  Orders come and go and finding time to take inventory has been almost impossible.  Even when I stay a little late or come into the shop during closing hours I sometimes get caught inside and look after customers!

The blog has been very ignored.  (I find it funny that the spell check on the blog, doesn't recognize the word 'blog' as a proper word!)

This scarf is one created by Helen, she choose 2 different colours of the lovely Katia Inca and created a chunky version of the "noro scarf".  I would tell you to come in to see the sample, but it has left the shop and is keeping someone very warm.

Keeping up with the ruffle yarn has been a challenge and updates about anything we have been able to find is on our Facebook page.  (Join us!)

We spent the day on Monday driving around the big city and getting a car load full of supplies.

This week is Knitt'n Night....6 pm - 8pm Wednesday.

See you Soon.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas with The Boy:

The Boy was home for a few weeks over the Christmas Holidays.  He took time to work, help his dad and improve his 'forge'.  He isn't a typical 21 year old.
 When we opened the shop 3 years ago, he commented that it was a 'glorified string' store.  He could put Ikea bookcases together in minutes, but other than that his interest in the shop was at best minimal.  One Christmas we had a 'trunk show' come into the shop and he admired a brown sweater that was in the collection.

"You could knit me a brown sweater! he asked, more than once.   Knitting a sweater for someone his size  required more time than I could find, but there was 'Nana'!  She called it her labour of love.  When he opened his present, his response was something like 'Finally!', then he put the sweater on and wore it for the next 3 days.  (Berroco Vintage, pattern is Beagle)

When I came home from Knitt'n Night on Wednesday he was doing this:


The next night he ripped back the original and re knit another bit.  (His present to me!)
It's taken 3 years but I think the shop is now more than just a string store, I think we have won him over. But don't ask him to knit anything for you, unless you like the colour gray.

I don't think he will be a knitter, he just wanted to prove that he could. Where did he actually learn to do this?  Youtube!

We are in the midst of inventory and planning great things for 2012.

Happy New Year,

See you Soon!