Friday, July 19, 2013

What I learned on my Summer Vacation!

We had a lovely 4 days away, the most time away since 2009.  (Yarn Shop owner married to Farmer with grown up kids and aging pet)

Things I learned this time:

1. Making assumptions that because something has been in the trailer for 16 years doesn't mean it is still actually in the trailer, finding out when you are at the campsite is not fun.

2. How to make coffee using a paper cup, cone coffee filter and a 3.75 mm knitting needle.

3. Just because you ask someone to put the fan in the trailer doesn't mean it actually gets there.

4. Even though you pay your cell phone bills on time, doesn't mean that your cell phone will work in a huge part of the province.  (I am talking to you Telus!)

5. The Library in town is a very cool place and it has internet access.

6. The carpet in the library is a tartan (plaid), the town we were near was named after a family with the tartans name!

7. When looking at a map, remember that it does not show that the short walking trail to the showers is actually a huge climb up a steep hill, 10 flights of stairs!  

8. Menopause and heat waves are not a good combination.

9. I can still knit when it's hot outside, but when it's too hot I can do almost nothing!

That pretty much sums up the important parts of the holiday, I picked up 3 big boxes of yarn from my friends at Gather.  Back to work!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Random things I learned this week!

 Lessons learned:

  • how to make a pocket in a little boy's sweater!
  • sweaters for babies take very little time to make!
  •  how to 'moneygram' money to a far away place to get some very nice things for the shop.  Right now it's a secret, but you will love them!
  •  you must never assume anything in an old building, just because there is a hot water heater in your space doesn't mean that all taps will have hot water from that tank!
  •  people who are very competent in their work still have fears about the things you find simple! 
  • the ceiling in the shop only ever 'finds' a leak three days before you close for almost a week!
  • going on holidays takes a lot of planning, you need the holiday to recover. 
Just reminding you that the shop will be closed next week so we can have a bit of a holiday.  (Closed Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Back on Friday July 19,

I am sure you have stash or UFO's to finish!
(I know I do!)

The expanded space is proving to be a good place to visit, as it has air-conditioning!  We have a few things to finish, but we will wait until the heat and humidity are gone!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Charlotte's Web!

Painting with yarn!

I have to admit that I was a little bit unsure about stocking Koigu yarn in the shop. I had seen a few seen a few skiens but resisted the temptation of actually purchasing the yarn,  It is expensive, not machine washable and because the way it is dyed each skein is very different. Creating a large project means blending skeins to create a unified colour.

Since the first order we received last year I have made 4.5 projects using the yarn.  2 were linen stitch scarves, 1 sock and 1 Turkish bed sock.  

What draws me to this yarn is the colour or colours.

We have had 3 shipments of the yarn in the past year and I become more enamored with the yarn the more I use it. 

A small shipment arrived last week and I was excited to see that the pattern for 'Charlotte's web' shawl was included.  Helen and I spent a few minutes playing with the colours and came up with a range that looked promising.

The project was started the following day, 12 days later it was done.  I followed the pattern suggestions closely but  played with the colours a little as I wanted to make good use of the yarn.  There are just a few bits and one fairly large amount of the lightest colour.  If you wanted to include the fridge I would suggest following the colour blending almost exatly.

The resulting shawl is very lovely, the fabric has a great drape and the colours blended beautifully!

We made up kits with the skeins available of the yarn in stock.

I would like to try this colour blending again with another pattern, but not right away I have to leave some of the yarn for customers to purchase!

We are enjoying the new space in the shop!  Customers are finding great deals on some discontinued yarns.  A reminder that we are closed for a few days this summer.  (July 16, 17, and 18 that's very soon!)

Enjoy the sunshine!