Friday, February 26, 2016


We have them!

The shop is ever evolving, trying to expand the inventory to keep the shop fresh and fun!

We love sock yarn, and we know that sock yarn does not count in your stash.

When the shop opened 7 years ago we had a small selection of sock yarn!

The shop now stocks sock yarn from Regia, Jawoll, Opal, Malabrigo, Sweet Georgia, Fleece Artist, Diamond Select, Cascade Heritage and Briggs & Little! 

The problem is that although there are some that like knitting socks, not everyone does so there are a lot of feet that need socks from another source!  After a few requests for nice wool socks already knit we went looking!

First we found some beautiful wool socks made in Quebec. A machine washable wool, almost the same price as some of the sock yarn, but already knit and ready to wear!

After that came these fun socks by the BlueQ company. Some of them have naughty words on them, they are the most popular!

 Finally we found some squishy cotton socks produced by a small company in the United States!  Designed by a knitter, they are highly patterned and designed so that they don't match!

In January I travelled to the gift show and ordered all of them, they arrived this week!

I don't think you can have too many socks, well maybe I do right this moment!  I am sure you can help me with that?

You never know what you will find in the shop next! 

I can't wait to show you what is coming next week!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Taking time?

This past week things became clear to me.  I discovered that I cannot possibly continue the schedule I had created for myself.  Even though the shop is actually only open 35 - 38 hours per week. It doesn't count the time I spend working for the shop.

The staff (Helen and Mary) can only come at certain times and juggling all the tasks that need to get done in a day sometimes means they have to be done after the shop is closed or from home (like writing the blog on Sunday afternoon!)

This week things kind of fell apart as we tried to fit everything in and  then we face the fact that 'The Farmer' faces shoulder surgery soon!  

It took a couple of days to figure out and a few conversations with others and so this is the new plan:

1. We are 'suspending' the Wednesday evening Knit nights and clinics, but are staying open later on Thursday nights.  The sign will say 6 pm, but I can stay until 6:45. 
2. There will be a knitting clinic from 5 pm - 6 pm on Thursday's ($10.00 for the first 1/2 hour, $20 for the hour!).  The maximum we can accomadated is 3 students.
3. We may attempt a daytime knitting clinic as summer approaches!

This actually means that the shop is open more hours than before? 

Soper Creek Yarn is an important part of my life, I love the people I meet and the fact that I can be inspired and work with the materials I love.  I will work hard to keep this place a positive peaceful place where we can come and share our crafts!

We have gone from a small shop with basic supplies to a shop filled with all kinds of surprises!  As the inventory expands so does our knowledge!  

March will feature more felting ideas.  There is a demonstration day on March 5th for needle felting.  We have 2 workshops that day and they filled up very quickly.  Come and watch Rosemary demonstrate how easy it is to create items with a vey sharp needles and bits of wool!

Oh yes! For the next week the clearance sale continues, but it all gets put away on March 1st!  As the buckets get smaller so do the prices! 

See you soon!

Friday, February 19, 2016


At our house we like Clever things!

By clever I mean designs that are slightly 'out of the box'.  Or having the ability to create a solution to a problem by looking at it from all sides.  It's a handy trait to have if you are a Farmer, Mechanic or operate large marchinery.  (How can I fix this with a pair of plyers, a roll of tape and a stick?).  

There are knitting designers that are good at basic designs with standard shaping and predictable outcomes.  A basic cabled scarf, a basic top down sweater with cables.  Then there are designers that bend the rules and create new shapes and new ways of looking at design, you know them. (Stephen West, Martina Behm...)

When I saw that Yarn Harlot was knitting this clever design by Brist Ivy I knew I had to begin right away.
It took a bit for the pattern to gel, but once I got going it was an easy pattern.  Interesting enough to keep you going, but too involved to be mindless.  It got set aside to do other things and I finally finished it this week!

It's squishy and soft.  The yarn taught me one thing, when you are working on something that is as soft as the Misti Alpaca Qolla I used, you have to treat it nicely.  No shoving it into random bags unprotected.  When I grafted the two ends together the beginning looked very fuzzy against the newly finished end.  I think after wearing it a few times with even out the halo.

We like soft yarns, but they need care. 
Next up!  Yarn Challenge project, I enter too!  (but you can't vote for mine, I am disqualified!)
See You Seen

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Cabled out!

When Alana Dakos posted that she was creating a Knit a Long (KAL) I was interested as I had just completed the Doodler by Stephen West.  She offered the pattern through Ravelry's buy in store pattern program.  On a whim I posted that I would like to do it and would anyone like to join me, before I knew it there was a small group of us all inspired!

The first clue came out and we were well into the cables!  The designed promised a shawl with cables and lace!

The next clue gave us leaves and more cables!

The 3rd clue added lace to the leaves and the cables!

The final clue gave us a chance to relax and knit a lace border, only a few cables!

It was a big knit! I am happy with the result!

I am just cables out right now! 

The pattern is now called Four Seasons and is available on Ravelry, I am a bit disappointed that I can no longer purchase it for you.  At the moment we are not ordering paper copies of any patterns from the US, the dollar is just too unstable right now!

Yarn Challenge kits are all out and we still have a bit of a clearance sale going!

See you soon!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Yarn Challenge 2016

You have been asking and we have been deciding.  It's difficult to come up with a Challenge sometimes; looking back at some of the selections from previous years and wonder how can I make this year different:

2009: We used 100% wool dk/worsted, in 9 colours!

 2010: Featured Mission Falls 1824 (now discontinued)

 2011:  Cascade 220 was new to the shop the challenge was to use the 3 neutral and add one of the bright accents/

 2012:  Berroco introduced the Weekend line of Yarn, still one of our favourites!

 2013; It was time to go a bit finer and introduce the Cascade Superwash sport.

 2014:  The Olympics gave us the idea of using a Canadian Yarn in Red and white.  Briggs & Little gave the participants a chance to try some truly Canadian Yarn.


2015:  The Yarn of the Sheep!  We featured a yarn from Estelle Yarns.  In Sheep colours!

This year we are featuring a new yarn: Tradition from Diamond Select:
3 fresh colours to celebrate spring!

Kits are ready!  They are $6.00 this year and it gives you about 90 grams of yarn, 30 grams of each colour.  You can purchase more yarn in any of the colours given.  Completed entries can be returned anytime before March 4th!  We have only made up 18 kits and a few left yesterday!
Oh yes, there are prizes!
See you soon!