Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All I Want for Christmas!

Remember when the kids were seven and they were happy to sing about their two front teeth!

What do I want for Christmas! Every year my husband says that finding a Christmas gift for me is the hardest thing he has to do. Forget the crops, the chores, climbing up and down 60 foot silos, doing endless repairs to equipment, milking 40 cows twice a day and being able to help deliver calves at any time of day, yet gifts to me are the most difficult!

Maybe I am picky, or just that I don't require much. I'm not a consumer of goods, a few good clothes, some nice shoes, I like what I like?

This Christmas I will be just happy to be home with our family. It's been a long year with both kids away for big chunks of time.

This year I will be thinking of those families who have lost important people in their lives.
We know of 2 families who are preparing funerals, both tragic and unexpected, therefore I am feeling a bit melancholy.
December is a dark and dreary month, but starting today the daylight hours are becoming longer and spring and new life will be here soon.

Enjoy the time you have with family and friends.

What do I want for Christmas.....Peace, Love, Joy, Hope...and to be done the knitted gifts!

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