Saturday, April 25, 2015

25 on the 25th

The internet is a great source for information, sometimes it's true?   The other day I was checking the weather and discovered that you could find a day and check to see its record breaking tempetures.  April 25, 1990 was a record breaking day as the tempetures reached 32degress Celscius.  I didn't really need to look up that particular date as I already knew that.  

Twenty Five years ago today not only was it the warmest April 25 it is the day that 'The Boy' was born. Being 9 months and 4 days pregnant you certainly remember those really warm days! 

Two big things happened that day not only was our second Child born, but this meant that 'The Farmer' had to stop planting peas on an absolutely perfect day to plant a crop.  'The Boy' was considerate enough to wait until after 5 pm to begin his entry and was born a few hours later giving his Dad enough rest to work the next day.

Today 'The Boy' is away from home and we will have to wait to celebrate with him next week.  

Happy Birthday Kid!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Little Knitting

Imagine: It's Saturday and it was a busy week,  I need something new to knit. It has to be quick, with a yarn in the shop that's new or hasn't been featured.

 There's that little sweater pattern that became a tiny vest last summer?

(Zarina Print 100% Superwash Merino, 1 ball made the 6 months size. The pattern is Abernathy Cardigan)  (It' s an in store purchase pattern through Ravelry, we can arrange to purchase it for you?)

That would work, especially out of the new cotton from Wendy.  One ball would be enough to make another vest?

I couldn't wait until I got home to start so I cast on right away.  Planning to do the 6 months size I  knit the first few rows, then I quickly realized I totally messed up already as the number of stitches was off by 10! Fortunately the number was the correct amount for the newborn size. Instead of doing the vest version again I had enough yarn to do the cardigan as written.

It seemed appropriate that it was finished while watching 'Call the Midwife' .

It's tiny, the yarn knit nicely. I must admit it's not super soft, but would make a lovely summer cardigan for adults or children.

It's not often that I repeat making a pattern but this is such a nice easy design, suitable for anyone tiny!

Happy Knitting!

Coming up for May: 

Maplefest happens on May 2nd, that means the sale buckets will be refilled.  As usual we put them by Friday May 1st.    

See you Soon!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Color Addiction!

After making my yarn challenge project and looking at the yarn left from the full skeins I had used. I decided to take a chance and finally make Veera's Color Affection. Some have termed it Color Addiction or Color Affliction as you can't make just one? 

I started the week the Challenge entries were in the window and finished it about 15 days later.  I must admit I was pretty faithful to this project.  A couple of nights I spent too much time on this and the next day my hands hurt so much that knitting was no possible.  Fortunately for me the pain disappears with a little rest and Traumeel cream.  

While working with the colours and checking other projects for inspiration I decided that it needed something to break up the neutral tones.  I remembered a small ball of turquoise Alpaca Sox from a previous project.  One 'thin blue line' was all it needed. 

Not wanting to be stuck with a lot of leftover yarn I knit the brown edge until I thought I would have enough for the bind off.  It was close!  Just enough for another little project I have planned.

It's squishy and wooly and huge! It just barely fit on the 8 feet of blocking boards!

The nice thing about this pattern so many have made this and there were lots of good hints in many of the Ravelry projects.

My modifications: instead of doing the 'make one left and right' I did just a knit front and back increase. (Those others just confuse me) and I put a yarn over between the first two stitches at the beginning of every row, dropping that loop when I got back to it at the end of the row.  It gives enough ease so that the edge doesn't curl?
The Farmer and I are going to have a little holiday over the Easter Weekend.  The shop will be closed on Saturday April 4th. 
See you Soon!