Thursday, September 30, 2010

This Week!

We accomplished a lot this week.

Sunday we managed to finish putting one coat of stain over the whole house. I was sitting on the lower roof trying stain a section at the back of the house. (Not bad for an old girl!)

Then I decided to finish sewing a gift that was now a month overdue. After looking at the state of the workroom downstairs it was clear to me that it was time to be rid of the fabric in the basement, mostly because it was not mine!

We loaded the car and I took it away on Monday.
A few new things that I haven't posted about, Maxima yarn from Manos, lovely soft, fair trade, 100% wool! Fabulous!
Then there is the Louet Mooi (which is Dutch for 'pretty') a Bamboo, Bison and Cashmere blend! (Okay it's expensive, but lovely and sometimes its worth spending a 'small fortune' for a special gift, for yourself or someone else.)

Of course I had to do a sample! May as well be lace!

A new shipment of notions arrived last week. Labels, cute buttons, tiny sweater key fobs, needle cases.....I just need to find room.

Mitten Club meets from 7 - 8:30, the dates have changed since the original schedule. (Next Friday is Thanksgiving weekend.)
There were 6 of us last time. If you can't make the Mitten Club meetings you can still make mittens for our Charity Project. Mittens sold during October will raise funds for UNICEF.
Come see the selection we have already accumulated.

See You Soon!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Quick part 2

This cool weather has brought out all the knitters! Good thing I have a good supply of Yarn.

A few new things this week, a few pictures on the camera and one finished hat!

But after a busy week I am looking forward to a couple of days....I just wish they didn't include Laundry, housework and accounting!

The Boy is home for a couple of days...he brought laundry!

See You Tuesday!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I went to this Yarn Trade show and picked up a couple of Kits. I looked at the back and saw 2 sets of eyes, thought, 'this must make 2 pairs of slippers'. Then someone pointed out that you need 2 pairs of eyes to make a pair of slippers. Doh!

Then Kathy came in and wanted to make a hat out of sock yarn, looked inside the new Jazz Colours pattern book from Regia. Patterns are all written in German!

That was my day.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It's been a bit crazy, life and shop.

Sunday, The Farmer* and I went to a Knitting Trade show. (His day off) Despite getting lost again, we found the place, I bought some really interesting yarns. Some cute stocking stuffer stuff, yup said those words, sorry. It was also nice to come face to face with people that I have only spoke with on the phone or through email.

I am madly trying to finish my current project so that I can work with some new yummy yarn.

I was supposed to finish staining the house yesterday but spent the day doing laundry and I actually got the vacuum out.

More tomorrow, maybe.

See you soon.

*Farmer, Many of you have commented on The Girl and The Boy references; I 'borrowed' them from Three Bags Full in Vancouver. I tried to find another term for Husband, Partner, Spouse and finally gave up and 'borrowed' again from Getting Stitched on the Farm as it best describes him**!

**Farmer: Vet, mechanic, accountant, plumber, carpenter, welder, mechanical engineer, truck driver, machinist, janitor, cat wrangler..... :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010


A post about knitting:

Noro Silk Garden Lite 2 balls to make this 'cowl' called Sev(en)Circle
The leftovers from Clapotis made a scarf, my favorite knit 3 purl 1 plus 2 pattern. Used 2 balls and alternated them every second row to create a striped pattern. Easy 'car' knitting, while someone else drives. New from Sirdar, Indie, big needles a few stitches and soft. I finished this last night, so pleased that I was able to cast off the last row leaving only a 2" tail to sew in, only to realise that the scarf requires 4 balls not 3. It's a shop sample, the mannequins won't care.

New fun yarn, Frill Seeker. Makes a flouncy girly scarf, quick 'knit' and at $14.95 a ball it will make great gift.

Don't forget about the Mitten Club tomorrow, Friday 7 - 8:30, learn how to make Thrummed Mitts.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monday's are for...


Yesterday I did something new!

A few weeks ago I was approached by Judy from Rogers Cable to be interviewed by the hosts of the daytime show. I took a little while to decide and then thought 'what the heck'. (Then my second thought was how to loose 30 pounds in three weeks!)

Yesterday at 9:30 I arrived at the 'studio', set up the display of things to talk about and by 10:30 the whole process was done!

It felt like having some sort of medical procedure, they get you to sign a waiver, get you 'miked' up and then tell you everything will be fine. After we were done they told me I did really well, I bet they say that to everyone.

Since we don't have cable, I called my friend Elaine and we watched it at her house. The person they interviewed didn't sound or look anything like I imagined, but she did okay. I even attempted to get one of them to knit!

Elaine and I had a great visit. Another thing checked off on the list of 'things I have done'.

Someday I will tell you the list, it's kind of interesting.

Back to knitting...

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Phone Rings:

I answer:"Soper Creek Yarn"

Voice on phone says:
"Hello, you are close to the Bowmanville Creek aren't you?"


"This may sound wierd, but do you know if the salmon are running today?"

I give him the number to my friend Jim at the mill.

That was my day!

See you Tuesday!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to School!

Time to learn something new.

We are attempting a few lessons:

Fall 2010 Knitting:
Mitten Club:
(Friday night Knitt’n Mittens!)

Fridays: 7 pm – 8:30 pm
September 17th, October 8 & 29. (Fee: Make mittens for sale with proceeds to a charity and Women's Shelter)

February Lady/Baby Sweater
Tuesdays-September 21 & 28,
October 12 & 19
7 pm – 8:30 pm (Minimum 3 students)
Download Pattern, Yarn must be purchased at Shop
$50.00 plus taxes,

Beginners Knitting:
Knitting Lessons: Tuesday Evenings
Beginners #1 – September 21 and 28: $30.00 plus taxes (4.5mm needles required)
Beginners #2 – October 12 and 19: $30.00 plus taxes (4.5mm needles required)

Knitting Lessons: Wednesday Afternoons
Beginners #1 – September 22 and 29: $30.00 plus taxes (4.5mm needles required)
Beginners #2- October 13 and 20: $30.00 plus taxes (4.5 mm Needles Required)

Socks with Susan on Thursday Afternoons. (On going sock sessions, reserve a spot in advance $10 per session)

Contact the Shop to reserve your spot. Lessons must be paid in advance, 1 week before first lesson. Refunds will be given for lessons cancelled if student numbers aren't met. Minimum 3 students per class, maximum 6.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How I spent my summer vacation!

Saturday night: Back into the shop to move a few things, discover a drip in the washroom. Call the landlord, we agree it was probably a tenant overflowing the sink or something.

Sunday: We started the staining the house, the ladder and I became quite a team. (Those years picking apples helped with the ladder moving skills.) I stained most of the underside of the roof and soffit areas, which meant dripping stain running down my arms. We gave up after Monday's marathon because we were both too sore and The Boy went back to work. We will finish the rest when the weather co-operates, the stain is still slightly sticky even after a week.
Tuesday and Wednesday I worked on Jumpers for Gather! They are done. I checked the shop daily for drips. Thursday I dropped The Girl off at a friends in Whitby and I headed into Toronto to pick up yarn. (More colours in Cascade 220 and Splash and a new scarf yarn) Checked the Shop and the ceiling had a big drip. Up the street to talk to the Landlord and we agreed it needed a call to the Plumber!
Friday (8:00 am) the Plumber came and did this to the ceiling. (At least the drip actually went right into my toilet..very considerate don't you think!)

Saturday morning, just before we were leaving, the Shop's alarm went off! The front door sensor decided it was tired and died.

After re-setting the alarm we moved The Boy into University.

Sunday I finished this:

Op Art from Knitty. A fun knit, took me a week. The picture is before blocking.
Monday, The Girl went back to school and work.
Today...I am tired!
I am glad to get back to a more normal schedule, what ever that is, but I miss my kids!

Friday, September 3, 2010


It's Friday morning, on my holidays and I came to the shop about 8 this morning. They are tracking down the leak. More drips yesterday after my trip into Toronto. I guess I am here for most of the day as they clean up. (Toilet upstairs has been leaking 'for quite awhile'. The Plumber pulled down the ceiling and is now literally covered in crap!) Fans are going and front door is open, so I am open for awhile today.

So that's my day so far.

Unpacking 2 orders of great yarn for Fall!

See You Tuesday.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I am still on Holidays, what ever that is! Saturday evening I went back into the shop to move some mechandise off the floor near the 'leaky' area of the shop. There was a drip! Fortunately it was in the washroom, after the landlord checked with everyone upstairs, they had no idea where the water came from, it stopped. I have been in everyday since just to check on things.

We have about 80% of the house stained. I did most of the soffits and facia boards which meant moving the step ladder every 3 feet or so and then staining as much as I could reach and then move again. Yesterday I pleaded to The Husband: "Please don't make me stain today, I am way to sore (I can feel every muscle in my back) and it's too hot!' He agreed and we will attempt the rest when the weather cools. I have completely destroyed my hydrangea shrubs in the process, but I didn't put the ladder through the front window, almost though!

The Husband went to work, if we are home he feels guilty about leaving the chores. Yesterday he decided it was the day to clean-up in the Milk House, they washed stuff down, got rid of the garbage and just plain tidied everything. Well, it was like he knew the Inspector was coming. Sure enough about 1 pm the Inspector arrives with his list of things to check. He couldn't find anything wrong. They received a Class A rating! My Husband came home with the Report Card and he just couldn't stop beaming about the results.

Tomorrow we are off to get The Boy ready for University and then we move him in on Saturday. The Girl is home helping with gardens and doing some clean-up around her Nana's house and then she is back to school again too!

I've been knitting a sample for the shop. A very interesting pattern. Last night I ran out of yarn, imagine!

See You Soon.