Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree....

Today after much discussion we put up a Christmas Tree.

During the early years we were able to 'harvest' our own trees from the woodlot behind the house. We always had a Cedar tree which was a lovely tree for decorating. By the time we took it down on the 6th of January it was green and lush. As the years went by it was harder to find anything that was a decent shape or size, some years we meshed two trees together. One year I noticed about 6 days into the 'tree' season that some of the branches were drying up, when I commented on the problem both the girl and her dad smiled and said "we wondered how long it would take for you to notice!". Notice that they had drilled holes into the trunk of a skinny cedar and filled the holes with branches to make a very nice looking tree.

Today's 'discussion" wasn't about whether or to put up a tree or not, but more about where we were getting it. He wanted to hike into the woods to look for another Cedar. I wanted to go to Price's Country Market to look for a 'real' tree. He didn't need any extra work right now and 'the Girl" and I both worked at Price's for a few years. To me the choice was obvious.

The next hurdle was how to get it home. We are down to one vehicle under 10,000 pounds, the pick-up is in the body shop getting a new door, the wind decided to make it into a sail! We could take the tractor and trailer, the dump truck things, or find the trailer and hook it up to the car. I convinced him that if we took a blanket we could put the tree on the top of the SUV, it has roof racks! Off we headed to Price's, they had about 6 lovely specimens left so the choice was pretty easy. I was in paying for it and the other goodies when Mark volunteered to deliver the tree right to the house, how easy was that!

The Girl decorated it and it looks lovely. Now there is the 'everything' else on the list....

I haven't posted any Christmas hours, because I really haven't figured it out. I will keep you posted. I was hoping to be open a bit tomorrow but we have some stuff to do in the morning that may take up a big part of the day.

This looks like a busy week ahead, there is still time for a bit of knitting!

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