Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yarn challenge entry!

A quick show and tell about my own challenge entry!

The doll is 'Poppy' by Ysolda Teage and the sweater is 'Playful stripes' by 'Never not Knitting'.

The doll was a delight to knit, the pattern is well written and contains only knit stitches as the whole doll is knit in the round! I 'magic looped' her legs 2 at a time!

The sweater was an easy knit and again I was able to magic loop the sleeves 2 at a time, my new favourite thing!

I love how there is always something new to learn, no matter how many projects you have done!

The next big project for the shop is going to challenge me in many ways!

I will keep you posted!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Yarn Challenge 2013

And the winners are:

Blue vest and bunnies made by Frances, won 1st place.  Each of the bunnies actually qualified individually as she used all 4 colours in each bunny!

 Mary's vest claimed 2nd place!

Terri-lyn created this Fish Hat (a free pattern on Knitty!) and it claimed 3rd prize!

You can find more pictures on the Facebook Page , it should work even if you aren't a Facebook 'fan'.

Its been a busy month and so blogging has taken a bit of a break. 

Our next big project will take months to complete and require a lot of yarn!  More details soon!

See You Soon!