Thursday, August 21, 2014

You can't see...

When this new yarn arrived into the shop a few months ago I knew that this would make a lovely something? Every evening as I left the shop it was one of the last things I noticed.  We were heading out for a 2 day holiday and I needed, not wanted, needed to start something new.

This travelled with me to our campsite. While 'The Farmer' read I wound it into a ball, all 500 meters. I had decided on the pattern but I couldn't decide on a needle size, I wanted the project to have a good stitch definition but be light and drapey at the same time.  

I wasn't happy with the needles I brought so I took it into the shop when I arrived back.  Those that saw the ball wound up were amazed how different it looked from the skein, 2 went home with them! 

A few days later I began the project, the pattern is 'Bottom up Birch' a free pattern on Ravelry.  I made a mohair version a couple of years ago.  The pattern is simple and engaging.  Knit rows are a simple leaf design, purl rows are plain, you get to coast back.

Admittedly you really can't see th lace design in the shawl until you look.  the colour way reminds me of the fall colours and the leaves in the design add to the total picture.  

The whole project took just over 3 weeks to make, and I used every inch!

I blocked it on Sunday, it's light and soft and perfect! (Sometimes I get it right!)

The yarn is by Fleece Artist, the colour is called 'Tiger'

Fall yarns are arriving weekly and the shop is planning a fall pre-view night in September.  More about that when we get it figured out,

The summer was chaotic and crazy, this project helped keep my sanity in tact. 

See you soon!