Friday, June 29, 2012

How much?

The shop is closed for the next 4 days, I hope you don't mind.  That means I will have some serious knitting time. What to work on during those 4 days?  I have a sweater on the go, a second sock to make and there is a shawl from my own stash yarn that I am working on. Should I plan something else?

I want something that I can just pick up when I get to be the passenger in the car.  The sweater is too big at this point, the shawl is almost finished and the socks are 'toe up' on  a circular needle.  You can see my dilema.  I am looking, you would think it would be easy to choose? Wait until Wednesday, when I am back and I will let you know what I decided.

Have a lovely Canada day weekend!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

palette cleanser?

Summerfest was busy and fun.  At the end of the day I passed by the new patterns we just put out and was reminded of this new vest pattern for babies!  Cute as a button and Chunky!  I wanted to do a sample using Naturally's Harmony Chunky 14ply, a soft merino chunky in natural shades of wool.  

I started it right after supper and by the end of the night I had completed the body of the vest.

 I finished the knitting after watching Masterpiece Theatre and on Monday I washed and blocked it!  (I got gauge! The measurements were exact! Love when that happens!)

Now only if the Yarn shop had the right colour buttons!  

You will have to come in to see what I choose!

A reminder that Soper Creek Yarn is closed on Saturday June 30 and July 3rd!  

Summer Sale continues this week, everyday I make further reductions on some of the yarn!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sidewalk Sale and Summerfest!

Just a reminder:

Bowmanville's Sidewalk Sale is On!

Friday Night there are special events planned for the evening and Saturday the street is filled with all things celebrating summer!  A table for donated knitting magazines will be on sale to raise funds for our friend Andea in Hungary.  (If you would like to donate your fairly new knitting books and magazines any and all will be appreciated. Just bring them to the shop before Saturday noon!)

Also Friday Night is Knitt'n Night Special Addition, join us as we knit and chat and giggle from 6 pm - 8:30pm

Clearance yarn is reduced and more yarn has been allocated to the Clearance area!  A great time to stock up on Summer knitting and do I dare say 'Holiday Gifts' will be glad I mentioned this on December 24th...only 6 months and 3 days away!

Come join us!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Many of you who have visited the shop know of my obsession with anything with loads of colour, mostly NORO.  This Japanese made yarn is filled with thick and thin spots and even the odd knot, but the colours and textures of the yarn create a beautiful fabric.

There are so many Noro samples in the shop right now this weeks window was a breeze to do!

About a month ago I needed some mindless knitting and I remembered this lace weight yarn by Noro.  Kirameki. It  is  a very thin lace weight, there are 495 yards in the 50 gram ball.  I decided that a skinny version of my other Noro scarf  was the perfect project.  The original scarf was based on the famous Baktus scarf on Ravelry.  (I modified that pattern to make a long triangle using 2 balls of Sekku, another Noro lace weight.)  
 The basic principle was to increase one stitch at one edge every 6th row until I had used up 1/2 of the 50 gram ball and then decreased the same side every 6th row until I was back to the  original 6 stitches.  I had a tiny bit left.

 It had a quick soak and I hung it to dry in the shop, it dried in a few hours.
It is almost 100 inches long.  Lovely

In case you were interested in becoming inspired by this yarn:
 This new magazine is filled with amazing designs...
If it is too hot to knit, you can always read about knitting!

See you Soon!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Random for a Monday in June!

We had a lovely 'day off' 'The Farmer' and I.  We travelled to see 'The Boy', who is working 2 1/2 hours away.  ('The Girl' was home for the weekend and she was able to watch 'The Dog'*, and she tidied the gardens and cut the grass!)

We ended up travelling around South Western Ontario and inadvertently saw way more than we intended!  On arriving back to the place 'The Boy' is staying we checked anticipated mileage thingy and it told us we had enough fuel to drive 208 km, the Google map we used said that we would travel 209 km to get home.  (We bought gas to get home!)  (South Western Ontario is very pretty, there are some lovely town and villages.)

Next time 'The Farmer' is off we plan to visit 'The Girl' and 'The Boy' stays home to mind 'The Dog".

This Week:
Technique Tuesdays:

Learn something new:

 Inserting Beads:
 Colour work
 Short Rows
Double knitting.

Sessions Run only on  Tuesdays from 10:30 until noon and only for the month of June, we may offer them again in September!  Fee for each session is $10 (tax included)

See you Soon.

It is Knitt'n Night this week, Wednesday from 6 pm - 8pm!

*'The Dog' is a 13 year old Cardigan Corgi who would rather just sleep in his room, (with is face on the air vent when its hot outside) than travel with us.  (He has been to 4 provinces, over 10 provincial campgrounds and various dog friendly hotels in the province.)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Because I could!

I am not British, but I am Canadian and I found the Diamond Jubilee celebrations quite fascinating. 
In honour of her remarkable achievement we had a little bit of fun creating this weeks' window.
The Queen looks 'amused'

The Family celebrates on the Royal 'paper' Barge

The Flotilla

It was a dirty job, but someone....
Thanks to my friend Debbie for her copy of the Newspaper and James Printing and Signs for the newspaper end to create the boat.

(I think the the Queen must be exhausted after 4 days of celebration, she really is a remarkable woman!)

If you don't remember how to make a paper boat!  Ask me!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Sock it to me Thursdays

Thursday in June! 
Learn to knit socks, or parts of socks. 
1 pm – 2:30 pm.

Spend 90 minutes at the shop on Thursdays and master sock making! Your choice: Basic Sock, Toe up, two at a time... Choose a sock yarn and needles needed to get the recommended gauge and learn a new section each week. (Sessions are: June 7, 14, 21, and 28th) 

If all you need is to master 'turning a heel', bring in your partially completed cuff  and turn the heel during your visit. 

Fee is $10 for each 90 minute session.

Sign up by emailing the shop.