Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yarn Challenge Part 3

Today's entry is about anything scarf! The scarf above is crochet, the creator used all the yarn she was given. This simple spiral pattern is actually quite cute.

This crochet cowl with detachable flowers was created by 'Redd'. You will find her blog here

another crafty lady made this Olympic rings scarf.

These almost make me want to take up crochet again!

More pictures later...

Don't forget Friday is a Holiday. Regular hours on Saturday 10-5.

Yarn Challenge Part 2

There were some great hats made for the Yarn Challenge, Mission Falls 1824 is great for hats, warm and washable. You will notice in the hat above that the knitter included the red just by using a 'running' stitch, she didn't like the red and may even rip it out when it goes back to her. (The Challenge was to use all the colours, I didn't say use up all the yarn, clever lady!)
This hat was a pattern created by Mission Falls a couple of years ago, great use of the pattern.

I love this hat, it kind of 'evolved' according to its creator, notice the details at the top.

The mannequin head was 'begged' from Justin Barry Optical up the street, a great place to get eye glasses.
More pictures tomorrow.

See You Soon

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

1000 words

Every day this week a few pictures from the Yarn Challenge Entries:

The knitter of this elephant had never knit anything but scarves before. I think she is ready for almost anything!
Mary had way too much fun creating 'Soper Creek Yarn'

A box of stuff just arrived from Berroco...including the new Afghan Book.
I am going to preview the book for you right now, tea would be nice...See You Soon!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

And the Winners are:


Well, not everyone can get first prize, but they certainly deserved it.

Great mathematical calculations were used to finalize the collected data, and a clear winner came through! Second place was another absolute winner and then like last year a tie for 3rd.

First Prize goes: Gwen's adorable Baby Sweater with embroidery

In second place: Katherine's colourful socks...(She won first place last year)

In third, or tied for third: Christina's elephant and Mary's "Soper Creek Yarn"

Pictures of the winning entries to follow next week.

Thank-you to everyone who created the lovely works and to those that helped with the voting.

Entries can be picked up on Tuesday!

See you Soon

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You know you knit too much:

when your kid says:
"I don't know where my mother is, but I know she's knitting."

Yarn Harlot, 2010 Calender, March 19th entry

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Ever feel like your days are going by so quickly you actually forget to do important things! I have been trying to catch up with a lot of things this past week! I think I am getting somewhere!

1. Thanks for your kind words about my last posting, it wasn't supposed to make you cry, but it did, sorry. It was to tell you about the wonderful people that surround our family. I could never thank them enough for all they did that day and the days following!

2. Managed to get stuff to the Accountants office but then needed to fax all the things I forget to include!

3. The Travelling sock display has come and gone, thanks to my SIL for taking it up to the next place!

4. This is the last week of voting for the Yarn Challenge. Come and see the wonderful creations!

5. I have been knitting a couple (okay more than a couple) of projects:

a) A scarf or something made with the New Noro Lace weight Sekku, started again because I didn't like the results. (Pattern choice not yarn!)

b) A Sweater for me, out of some lovely yarn made from the wool of Migrant sheep in Europe, ripped back 4 rows of the back because I forgot to do the decreases for the shaping.

c) Trying to finish a pair of socks so I can knit a pair out of the new Zauberball that will be gone from the shop if I don't hurry, those darn customers keep buying my favourite things!

5. Easter is next week, how did that happen...better get hopp'in on the Easter display!

Pictures and stuff later....

See you Soon!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


156 weeks ago today our lives changed.

The actual anniversary is on the 21st, but is was an early Thursday morning that changed our lives.

First let me go back to 2005, the Girl was heading off to University and on the 4 hour drive to take her to residence my husband could not sit for more than about 1 1/2 hours without being in quite a bit of pain. It was discovered later that he actually had a fracture in his spine at L5S1. A piece of the fracture was pushing on a nerve, ya ouch! Surgery was the only option. Being a self employed Farmer, without a disability policy, he scheduled the surgery for November 2006. T3's became his friend from August 2006. November 21st the surgery was successful and he was to take 4 to 6 months off regular work to recover.

4 months to the date of his surgery we woke at 2:06 a.m. to the sound of Fire equipment screaming past our house. "What the h#ll!", was the Husband's response. I raced out to the kitchen for a look down the road, "The Barn's on Fire!" I could see the whole barn complex completely engulfed in flames. The Boy and his Dad raced out of the house, I called people but no answer. Turns out they all already knew. Our neighbour was up and saw a glow and realized it was the barn. They called people, when she asked her husband if she should call us he said: "H#ll no the last thing they need is for him to get hurt, they will find out soon enough!"

Those calls saved the cows, 62 of them. 2 passers by came and helped, they got my in-laws up and told them to get dressed, it was that scary. The next 5 hours we watched the historic barns burn to the ground. The fire crews were amazing, Ontario Hydro came and disconnected the power. Neighbours came to console and watch and help. They corralled the cows into a pasture setting up the electric fence in the dark. Calves in hutches outside were moved away from the barn. At dawn we went home to recover and decide. No one felt like eating. We just sat stunned.

Then miracles started to happen.

People came, John a dairy farmer and friend came down with a wagon load of gates. "you will need something to keep the cows safe". Someone brought a load of feed, trucks, trailers, and food, so much food. The Boy and his Dad went to see what to do. I called the Girl...she cried and wanted to come home. (Her friend Erin told others that she couldn't go out that night because 'my friend's Barn burned down!')

When I arrived about 8:30, they were milking cows! The milking parlour had been saved. Our friend Dave the electrician came and wired up some circuits to make things work. Fire crews were still literally putting water on the building and they were milking cows inside. Fire trucks came and went delivering water. There were people everywhere cleaning up, moving animals, moving equipment out of a shed to make a 'home' for the cows. It was chaos, it was miraculous. We certainly learned who our friends were!

In all we lost 17 calves and one cow named Jesse that would not leave the barn. Cats either perished or disappeared, about a dozen or so, a few remained. We were in assessing the damage and we could hear this faint 'meow' from under the boards in the gutter cleaning system. My brother-in-law kicked away the charred boards to find underneath a very wet and angry cat. Scruffy survived, our vet prescribed some antibiotics and he is still with us!

The days that followed were filled with anguish and hope. People came and helped us clean-up, at one point we had 30+ volunteers with equipment and bare hands picking through the debris. A friend came in new rubber boots to help. He said to me: "I didn't know you had a slatted floor here?" my reply "that's not the floor you are standing on it's what's left of the roof!" I gave another friend a quick tour one day and he looked at the damage and said: "It's all gone, just gone!" The fire had turned everything into ashes.

The Barn was actually 3 barns put together in a 'U' shape. We think they were built sometime in the 1850's and one of the smaller barns was moved from a location about 300 meters away. Added to those barns were other smaller additions and in the 1960's the cement block section for stalls was added and then attached to that was the milking parlour. (The cows come into the parlour and the person milking the cows is in a pit at udder level placing the milkers on 8 cows at a time.)

What remained was the last section containing the parlour. About 1/6 that was there the day before. Silos of feed were unaffected, we were out of straw to bed the animals, but straw came. One Farming family paid for the straw and had it delivered in small loads so that they could bed up the animals daily without having to store the straw. We had equipment stored in other Farmers barns and sheds, we were loaned the use of augers, gates, pipes. When ever we needed something it appeared. Even all the shovels, forks and pails were gone.

Once the cleanup was done, we then had to decide. Do we continue? What do we build? We now had to meet Nutrient Management Guidelines. We had to get permission to rebuild from local and provincial agencies. Insurance would cover some of the cost. Deciding took 2 months. They continued to milk cows who were living in a machine shed, but they couldn't stay there all year. This farm is a partnership between 3 brothers and their Dad. We had to consider all options.

Once decided, things moved relatively quickly. Building departments were actually quite helpful and the builder started his job in July, the cows moved into the barn just before Christmas. The New Barn was ready for the open House March 2008.

Needless to say my Husband did not have a complete recovery, he still has back issues, but they are manageable most days. The new Barn is fresher, lighter and easier to keep clean. Chores take a little longer. We built a practical barn, one that we could afford. Ideally we could have started with a whole new system and spend a pile of money, but at 55 years old, it was not practical.

After the Fire, during the decision time, I started to knit, knit all the time. We also discussed Yarn Shop as a distraction to the Fire. I dragged him to the Needlework festival in Toronto that spring as a way to get away for the day. We talked to the nice people from Philosopher's Wool. They offered good and realistic advice. I kept knitting and became the gofer person for the building process. I know more about building a dairy barn then I really want to know.

Putting together a yarn shop was way easier!

Even just re-telling the story has brought tears to my eyes, I don't like looking at any of the photos I took of the whole event, but I will leave you with one taken by the Girl.

It's of 2 of the 3 remaining cats assessing the state of the now gone barn. "What happened!, will they rebuild?"

That's the story. We met and developed many long lasting relationships with all those that helped us through this challenge and we are grateful to everyone. 'A friend in need is a friend indeed!'

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Time to Vote!

The window is filled with the entries to this year's Yarn Challenge!

This is a sampling of some of the items made by some talented artists! (No particular order or preference is given, they are the ones I can get out of the window easily!)

Practical and fun!
Come and see all the wonderful creations! Vote for your favourite, then I don't have to decide who wins the Prizes...nice prizes!
Another week for the Sock Trunk show and then it moves on! If you like knitting socks or want to be inspired check these out!
We trying to come up with some 'Sock Classes', Thursday afternoons for 3 to 5 weeks. Learn everything about socks, challenge yourself to learn something new! More about this later!
See You Soon.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Watch This: and then watch this:

courtesy of Ravelry, if you haven't signed up for this site, you should. There is a Soper Creek Yarn group too! or .

Great information, fun and addicting...I warned you!

The Soper Creek Yarn Challenge entries are in the Window, time to vote!

See You soon

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Roses coffee shop has undergone a complete Make-over! Another reason to come into town! More room for seating and fresh baked goodies. (Scones are amazing) Having this next door could be quite dangerous for me!

The Cafe was closed for over a week to complete this transformation, it's beautiful.

Don't come right now, (Wednesday @ 10:15) the Region guys are out there fixing the hydrant. Its very noisy, but they actually washed down my steps and the front of the shop!

We have done some moving around in the shop too!

Must be spring?

See you Soon

Sunday, March 7, 2010

We Moved

some things around in the shop! The Boy was wrangled into the shop yesterday to help move the big glass cabinet back to where it was when the shop opened. The Husband had renovated it to make it more useful. That just started a whole bunch of other moves, one involved stacking some of the Ikea shelves together. Moving yarn and fixtures is a great workout.

We were in a big box store looking for more hooks and I mentioned that my light timer isn't switching the lights on at night. Husband asked if they worked at all and I said "when I come 'home' in the morning....." we both laughed. I guess it is kind of a home for me!

(My husband has lived on the same property all his life. Home for him can be 3 separate things: the house we live in, the farmhouse and the shop at the barn!)

Next week may be a little chaotic, mostly because I won't be able to find anything.

Make a point of dropping by the shop and seeing the Soper Creek Yarn Challenge entries they are spectacular! The voting begins on Thursday and continues until Saturday the 19th.

See you Soon

Friday, March 5, 2010

Socks Socks Socks

A box of socks, beautiful socks, designed by Red Bird Knits just arrived. 20 different designs all completely different. These will be in the shop until March 2oth. Then they are off to another Local Yarn Shop (LYS).
Yarn Harlot threw out the Olympic Challenge. I signed up and worked away at my "Mission Falls meets Philosophers Wool" mittens. I finished the first one during the first weekend of the Olympics, which left me with a sports related injury, watching the Olympics and knitting! Then in true fashion I left the remaining mitt until the very last weekend and thus I was madly knitting most of Sunday to finish. Sewing up the ends took way longer than anticipated.

I am happy with the results, just don't ask for a pattern. (Not yet anyway.)

If the colours look familiar, they are the same as the colours used in the Soper Creek Yarn Challenge. You will be seeing more projects featuring these colours in Mission Falls 1824 wool!
Next week the voting begins. Take some time to come a admire the socks and vote for your favourite Yarn Challenge entry!
See you soon.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A tale of two shipments!

Boxes have arrived from two separate suppliers. One is filled with a new Yarn called "Down to Earth" and another from Namaste.

One is an 100% organic Environmentally friendly Cotton, 10 soft colours, 2 pattern booklets packaged in paper bags.

The other: beautiful knitting totes (purses really), more Buddy Cases and a few new surprises.

Pictures soon.

Are you 'down to earth' or feeling a little 'divine'?

Me, I am somewhere in the middle...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Stuff...old new stuff?

You know how when you buy something and then after you wear or use it for a bit you think to yourself "I wish I bought more!". I got to the chance to buy another of something I already own. This past weekend I celebrated my birthday (I am not 50!..I am 51!) and to make life easier on my family I suggested that they could take me shoe shopping! (The Girl who is away at school said "Dad doesn't know what he is in for!")

We travelled to my favourite shoe place, which happens to be Jim Flaherty's favourite too! (We have a great ladies shoe store right across the street (The Glass Slipper)...but I like a certain kind) I looked at the current selection and was not finding what I wanted and then I checked out the sale area and there they were, the perfect shoes, I know they will be perfect for me because I already own a pair exactly the same! Happy Day!

Then we came home to watch some Olympics, I am still amazed by that goal! The Canadian Olympic team did some amazing things!

I did finish my Knitting Olympic challenge, they are blocked and ready for their close-up soon!

The entries for the Yarn Challenge are coming in...I am so excited. The Mission Falls 1824 is knitting and crocheting up very nicely. (We thank the nice people at Mission Falls for their contribution to the competition.)

Another shipment of something new just arrived!

See you soon!