Monday, December 14, 2009

Dashing Through..

the snow, the rain, the crowds...the knitting?

I am in the midst of completing a big pile of knitting. Mostly store samples and couple of gifts. We did a bit of shopping yesterday, and came home with not much. Too many decisions!

Its Monday and I am at the shop waiting for the parcel, and also to be open for those of you who like me just don't have enough hours.

I am here today till about 3ish.

If there is time I will get some pictures posted...the one hour scarf is really very nice, great gift as a scarf or as a project for a beginning knitter.

See you Soon.

I have been reading this blog, mostly about advertising, branding and business stuff. Today he has a link to a free book with some inspirational messages...its lovely. The page about Dignity is...well go read it yourself.

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