Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I need a really simple baby sweater?

Sometimes when a customer arrives into the shop their question is: 'I need a really simple baby and quick baby sweater?

My go to pattern is this one:

Most of the time they choose something else.  The problem is that in the picture it looks too ordinary, too simple? They can't seem to get past the plain yarn.  Sweaters are basically only a few basic shapes: boxy pullover, dropped sleeves, raglan sleeves, v-neck cardigan you get my drift? Once you choose the shape then the yarn does most of the work.  Sure there are patterns with cables and lace but we are doing and easy first time sweater!

I like this version as it can be worked completely with one knitting needle.  There is a bit of sewing up for the sleeves but that's not difficult, babies have little arms!  

To prove that this looks great in a really nice yarn I made one over the weekend.  There was one lonely ball of Madelintosh DK left in the sale bin.  One ball with a bit of tweeking of the pattern made the first size.  After making a few you can adjust things a bit.

The collar and yoke are knit first.

Then sleeves are added:

and then all the remaining stitches are joined together and the body is knit until it's long enough or you run out of yarn!

Time for a bit of a bath, choose 3 buttons and in less then a week you could have a sweater to fit that special newborn in your life!

There are some great patterns out there, simple but they have great 'bones'.  Choosing a great yarn makes them shine.

Let's have a bit of a discussion about using good yarn. Using good yarn makes a good sweater. Poor quality yarn will never make an outstanding garment.  Crap in crap out! I spent about 10 hours making this sweater.  10 hours of pure smooth knitting, watching the colours do their thing and after I was done I have this one of a kind gift!   I could have used a cheap acrylic, spent hours knitting with it and I have a cheap acrylic sweater at the end of all my work!

Not everyone can afford to knit with Madelinetosh, but there are many great blends out there that are worth investigating.  

If you would like to join us in a knit a long for this sweater,  it begins June 1st.  I will go slower the next time!  The pattern is available in the shop as a printed copy, but you can download the pattern from Ravelry, but it is in US funds.

See you soon,