Sunday, August 30, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

We are getting ready to go, cleaned up the house so that Dog Sitter won't be completely grossed out by the 'state' of this busy household. (Plus it would be nice to come back to a clean home.) I haven't even begun to pack but my main concern right now is 'What am I going to knit?!" I will need something for the plane ride, its only a 2 hour flight, but that's great knitting time and I will need the distraction of something challenging. There will be knitting in the car for the 3 to 6 hours we will be driving on the Prairies, if you have been out there, one field of wheat looks like every other one. Then there is extra knitting in case I finish something...what to take?

I have narrowed it down to one pair of socks, Regia Stretch

another Ruffles and ridges shawl, this time out of Mirasol Project Chirapa...

I could bring the top down baby sweater I am doing as a sample for a possible class, or the work socks I have been making out of Briggs and Little Dura Sport. Then there is the Manos Silk and Merino wool that keeps calling me....or maybe I should do something with my personal stash...what to do?

So many decisions, so little time.
Remember the Shop is closed This week, September 1st - 5th, only 5 days...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Three days and counting!

After over a year of working full time, here and at my previous job I am taking time off. My husband and I off on a real a holiday without children.

Our Son (the Boy) is heading towards Saskatchewan on his big adventure and we have booked a few days to see him. (We will have to find him first!) The endless list of things to do before we go is slowly getting checked off. We found people to stay with the dog, watch the shop (but it will be closed!) , mind the cows.

If you are in the top half of my mailing list, you already know about my 'Customer Appreciation' Event. Today (Thursday) and tomorrow the shop will be open until 8 pm. This will give you time to see me before I close for the next week. Plus you will receive at least 10% off any purchases with some things being up to 50% off.

Thursday and Friday the shop is open 10 am to 8 pm
Saturday regular 10 - 5 hours.

Remember the Shop is closed from September 1st - September 7th. Regular hours resume September 8th. (Tuesday - Saturday 10 - 5 )

Sunday, August 23, 2009

22 on the 23rd

Today 'the Girl' turns 22. Its hard to believe where the time has gone. She was 'home' for a few hours to visit for her Birthday. Home is in the middle of a soybean field right now and so there is not much to do. After a quick 'Birthday Supper' she left to go visit friends and now is heading back to Work/school and we won't see her again until October.

"The Girl' walked at 11 months, ran at 12 and climbed at 13. An independent child who's first complete phrase was 'I do it myself!'. I would often say when we were out that 'she picked out her own clothes this morning!' She was and still is 'all girl'; loves jewellery, shoes, bags and shopping. (thus the name Magpie for some of her creations!)

During the summer she worked 2 jobs to help put herself through school (with help from us). Still trying at 22 to figure out her 'purpose' she continues to do remarkable things.

Its amazing how I can remember that day so clearly, like it was yesterday. Right about now I held this first baby of mine, terrified about the future with this new life. Some days have been more challenging than others but I have to admit she has added much joy to our lives.

She has only one fault: she refuses to learn how to knit! Imagine!

Happy Birthday Kid!

Friday, August 21, 2009

When Yarn has a purpose!

A few weeks ago my talented and patient husband created some 'peg' racks for hanging hanks of yarn. Ever since then they have been waiting for a special shipment.

In the meantime they held anything that I wasn't quite sure where it belonged.

Today a box came filled with this lovely yarn with purpose. Manos del Uruquay are now full members of the WFTO, the World Fair Trade Organization. I received a small shipment of some of the beautiful yarns and some patterns. I have always been a supporter of the small independent businesses that do good for their local communities. This is a great way to support a group of rural women who are using their local resources to create a beautiful product and a reliable source of income for their families.

Come a see the lovely to figure out where to put all that 'random' stuff.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sock Summit

I opened my email this morning and Clara Parkes has a great review of the 'Sock Summit'. If you follow all the links it will take a while to read, but worth the time. But be warned I don't (yet) have any of the sock yarns noted..maybe someday.

According to someone there are 50 million knitters in North America, 2 times the number of Golfers.

Knitting! It's a good thing!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


are for moving yarn...lots of yarn.

Mary arrived first thing this morning (well 10 am) and the two of us unpacked 9 good sized boxes filled with new yarn. Lots of yummy stuff. The store is getting very full, lets just say things are getting a bit 'creative' here.

But its too hot to even think about knitting with wool, fortunately my current project is in cotton.
When the batteries get charged I will show you some pictures...or come by and see for yourself!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday is for...

The laundry was going to have to wait again. First on the agenda was to book the flights, yes we are headed west. The Shop will be closed for the first week in September, August 31st- September 7th (Labour Day). I should be open on September 8th, but phone first, you never can be sure with travel plans!

That out of the way, I headed into Toronto to do some errands. First a call to one of the warehouses to check stock, only to hear that the sprinklers had turned on over the weekend and they were flooded, no word on damages or delays in orders. (imagine soggy bags of yarn!)

I managed a couple of stops, a few interesting finds and got stuck in traffic. This week will be filled with finding a home for all the new inventory for fall.

I know its hot, trust me, this place isn't airconditioned..but there is some great yarns and projects to do!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hot enough for ya!

Think back in February when we were looking forward to the warm days of summer! Be careful what you wish for!

My little store, is in a very old building, with no air conditioning. It is surprisingly cool despite the weather outside, but still warm.

I skipped work for a couple of hours to 'do' another wedding. The Sanctuary is one of the nicest buildings in town, beautiful woodwork, lovely windows but alas no airconditioning. We can open windows and doors, but the bus goes by just as the Minister is getting to the important part, so many of those have to be closed during the ceremony. Today, we broke the rules and opened anything that would provide even the slightest breeze. The Bride was beautiful, the groom was nervous, the ring bearer and flower girl were adorable, (Mr. Bty's kids from highschool!) and the flowers were gorgeous. I love real flowers at a wedding!

Next week, I head into Toronto on Monday to pickup 4 cases from one supplier, and then another 6 are arriving Tuesday or Wednesday...lots of wool, just what I need more insulation!

Christmas and Winter are coming...will you be ready!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Friday Night..Knitting?

This Friday, tomorrow the 14th, is Downtown Bowmanville's Moonlight Madness and Busker Festival. Which means I am open until 11 pm. (It will be a long day!) How about coming and knit with me? It will keep me company and you will have the opportunity to meet other knitter's in the area.

There are a lot of activities planned up and down King Street so bring the family, they can drop you off and you can visit for a little while.

There of course is the 'Clearance Event' happening, take advantage and add to your stash!

See you Soon!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


After reading Yarn Harlot's blog entry that she posted on August 1st (Priorities!) I began feeling guilty. (I happens with motherhood!) My son is out in the middle of North America doing this really interesting thing and we won't see him until November. Harlot's daughter was only 5 hours away, doing a great thing, but would be home very soon, yet she took time to get into the car and drive to see her!

I know I have this store, we have a dog (that's old, but likes to travel), we have this farm thing and other commitments. So we are thinking, but it involves closing the store for a week, only one week, I will be open every other one from now on. There are lots of decisions, fly, drive, find house sitter that could stay with dog....then there is the root canal thing I have to have done before we can consider going (no drug plan either!)

What I am telling you is that I may decide to close up the shop for a week, the first week in September and the husband and I and perhaps the dog will trek to the middle of no where to see our little boy.

To bribe everyone into feeling good about this, I am having a 'clearance' event. I have sorted out some of the yarns that I am replacing with some new great stuff and there are colours that need to be refreshed.

Come in and see what I have. Some are 30% off some are 50% off. But they all have limited amounts.

I don't 'do' sale events very often, there is always stuff at a good price I do the best I can to find good value in the yarns I select. There aren't any signs posted in the windows. I want to give my blog readers and regular customers the heads up first.

Either its the meds I am on or I haven't had enough coffee if I sound so undecided its because there is so much to decide. . .

See you soon!

Friday, August 7, 2009


This just in:

from Namaste a small collection of great knitting tote bags and a few accessories. These are definately not your 'Grandmother's' knitting bags (but she would love them too!).

Designed by knitters using 'animal friendly' material.

Great gift for the knitter in your life, even if that knitter is you.

See you soon!