Thursday, March 31, 2011

Well Travelled Part 2

Today the nice Mail Carrier brought another parcel, an exact duplicate of the one I received yesterday. It was posted on Tuesday from Vancouver today is Thursday. It cost $1 more than the first one and took 18 fewer days to arrive! If only the first package could tell me where it was for those 20 days!

Unfortunately the package contains items that I do not need, because I have them already and I have to send it back!

See You Soon.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Well Travelled

Today I received a package. Customers have been coming in to check on the status of their orders and I tell them that I have indeed ordered it and it should be here any day. Finally a week ago I checked the supplier, yes they 'shipped' it out on March 10, expedited mail you should have received it. We decide to wait until after the weekend. Tuesday arrived and still nothing. The Supplier was going to replace the shipment....Addi Turbo Needles!

Today the parcel came! I checked the tracking number: the parcel left Vancouver on March 11, then it went to Richmond BC, Mississauga ON, Halifax NS, Montreal QC back to Halifax and finally to Bowmanville!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Now with Pictures

The Yarn Challenge Entries have made it into the window and the voting has begun. I have to admit this year is going to be tough, everyone has done a fabulous job. A couple of crochet entries made it in again this year. (I think I might try to do something Crochet this year!) A Sweater knit for a special girl is on its way out west. Made with Berroco Vintage. I love the buttons! March is just about over, April has a few surprises....I will keep you posted! See You Soon.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Things I learned today:

1. Even though the dog has not been allowed downstairs for 6 hair will still be everywhere.

2. Other stores have the same trouble with orders. The Farmer ordered a new pair of boots, they were to arrive today. The store received 1 of the 2 boxes in the order and of course the boots we want are in the missing box.

3. To get a 'glass break' detector to trigger a response you need to break a glass jar into a galvanized pail and shake it furiously just below the sensor until you get a response.

4. The number of unfinished projects has increased dramatically over the weekend!

5. Mondays start with good intentions and end with more things left undone!

6. Today Blogger won't do what I want.... See you Tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yarn Challenge!

The entries are in and they look amazing! The window is filled with them, come and see. Pictures soon! (There are few still out,...I have been known to accept late entries! ;)

If you ask me, I will tell you how many Durham Regional Police officers can fit inside the shop!

See You Soon.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Remembering Helen

Today there was a service to remember a lovely Lady named Helen. We met 30 some years ago when I was still at Rickaby's working in the 'Wool Department'. She would come a choose yarn and happily knit for her family. A few years past and our paths crossed again through a shop called the Velvet Bear, I was working part time in this Gift shop and they were hiring a book keeper and when they introduced her I said: 'She would be perfect!' She was!

After The Boy was born we didn't cross paths very often. When we did we caught up with each others lives and went our own ways. After I opened the shop she came to see me more often and then just about a week or so ago I realized I hadn't seen her for awhile. On Wednesday I read that she had been very ill and had left us.

What I remember about Helen was her warm gentle smile and her kind soul. I don't think she was angry with anyone or anything ever. I miss her already.

See You Tuesday.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yarn Challenge!

Yarn Challenge entries are making their way into the shop:

There are 4 of them in this picture...they are fabulous!

Entries are due back next Tuesday, and voting begins on the following Thursday.

I am working on one too! I better not be late!..hint?

Monday, March 14, 2011


I went to Toronto, picked up bags of Yarn. New stuff!

Came home and enjoyed the sunshine! It feels like spring, the birds are back!

See You Soon!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Once a month, for almost 30 years my Mother-in-law meets with other Women in the Community. This Group is one of over 500 Women's Institute Branches across Ontario.
The Women's Institute began in Canada in 1919, but there are similar groups all around the World, "promoting education, advocate for social and economic change and work towards the personal growth and empowerment of women". (Plus I think they have a load of fun!)
Each meeting they discuss topics of interest to the membership and share stories of their lives. Today I had the privilege to share my story. I know most of these women and most have watched me grow up. They may be in their more 'Senior' years but these Women are active in the Community and are busy with all kinds of 'Work'.

I took a break from the Shop to show these Ladies all about the new things in the Yarn Industry, and to Thank my Mother-in-law for all she does for me.
Some of the shop samples have been knit by her. I try to give her things that will challenge her, yet interest her. I asked if she would knit an afghan for the shop. I choose an unusual colour scheme and she knit it happily, but I knew that she was not in favour of the colours. After working on this for almost a year it now lives at the shop.

The second picture shows 'her work', she wrote down every row. 'Everyone has a system' says Mary as I showed her the bits of paper with all the notations. What ever works for you to keep track is right! After all there are 'No knitting Police'.
That was today, hope your day was as nice as mine!
See You Soon.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday's are for


It took 10 minutes and the staff were wonderful. Don't be afraid of this simple test that could save your life. If you are due for your check-up book it today.This past week I finished a Hat or Two using a new yarn from Classic Elite called Liberty Wool, 100% wool washable, great colourways!
The Farmer created and installed new book display boxes. A great spot for new patterns, I just happened to have a few new patterns arrive to fill the spots.
The Girl sent this as a surprise for me, Spring is coming!

2 completed Yarn Challenge entries have arrived. There is 1 lonely kit left if you would like to enter!
I still have some Frill Seeker, new colours and a Frill Seeker Lace is now in the shop.
That was my day....
See You Soon!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Yup, already!
(I am writing this late on Thursday, assuming all blog readers are away from their computers and won't read this until Friday AM.)*

Tonight is Knitt'n Night. Bring your work and if you have time a swatch attached to needles to do some 'repair' work!

There is a bunch of new stuff just arrived: cute baby 'Smiley Stripes' with patterns.

See You Soon

*What am I doing on the computer at way past my bedtime: accounting! Learning a new/old program and trying to catch up on 3 months of book keeping.....I would much rather be knitting!