Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I blame Leah

A little over a month ago Leah arrived at the shop and made me watch this video by Stephen West!  I loved it, it's fun! I began looking into his other designs.  I had been tempted to make last years project. The more I thought the more I thought what the heck! When no was was looking I played with the colours in the shop.  Wanting to be a bit frugal I began with the leftovers from a previous project.

I decided on 2 colours and waited for the first clue! (It was a mystery knit a long ) 

Setting aside all other projects this took over all the knitting time available.

I got a little behind when the 2nd clue appeared but caught up quickly as it didn't require as much time.

Clue 3 arrived and it was another big section of knitting, I had barely started when the final clue was posted.

Fortunately we travelled to see 'The Girl' which meant there was plenty of time to knit while 'The Farmer' drove.

It took over 4 hours to do the I-cord bind off!

A quick bath and I left it to dry all day Thursday and it came to work with me Friday.  

Leah was in the shop that day! I told her I blamed her for this, it was a great challenge!

Time to get back to my regularly scheduled knitting!