Saturday, April 26, 2014


More catching up!

I went into the city one Monday a long time ago and picked up some of this lovely Malabrigo Mecha.
When I brought it in I immediately wanted to make something.  The skein was wound into a ball and we played with the gauge.  It looks like is should be a worsted weight yarn but it really is a chunky.  The ball lived at the shop and people played with the needles and yarn every once in a while.

Finally in January I found the right project and completed it quite quickly.  The pattern is 'Moonpath Cowl", a pattern available through Ravelry.  It's one of the in store patterns that you can purchase through the shop and then it goes into your Library and your computer!  It is a great way for me to offer almost 200,000 patterns without ever having them out of stock.  Plus the designer gets paid and then can spend more time designing other great patterns!

It took 2 skeins of the yarn to make this rather large cowl.   The Yarn again is Malabrigo Mecha , the pattern uses 8mm circular needles (24 inches works best).

It took 3 computers to finally get this posted!

There are a lot of things happening all over our lives this weekend.  'The Boy' leaves on another big adventure and won't really be home until December.  'The Farmer' is installing a huge new way to do his job.

We will keep you posted!

See You Soon.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blog silence

It was pointed out to me yesterday that the blog has been silent for a month!  There really isn't any one thing that has kept me from writing, it's been many.

The shop has been a busy place, but the personal life has taken on a whole bunch of activities.

 First 'The Farmer' is working on a big project that not only requires a huge commitment of time and money but it also affects the way we will continue to live on this property.   Days  start at about 5 am and he arrives home at just past 7 pm.  Once the project is complete the days will return to some sort of new normal.  You will be happy to know that this also means that Soper Creek Yarn is able to continue for at least the next 7 years.

This year I decided to tap our maple trees and make some Maple Syrup.  When we planted the maples around the house 28 years ago we thought that it would be nice to make our own maple syrup.  Our friend Ian sold us some buckets and taps, we found a way to start the process out on the front porch and I finished it on the stove.  Tonight I am making the last batch, we have about 3 litres altogether. 
Something off the bucket bucket list?

While I was boiling up sap I was also cleaning alpaca fleece.  Our friend Nancy at 1 stop alpaca wanted to get move some of the fleece she had stored to raise some funds for the re build of their barn.  I bought 5 fleeces and I have been washing and picking them and packaging them for sale in the shop.  The house had the unusual aroma of Maple syrup mixed with wet alpaca.

Then April was upon us 'The Girl' returned to her full time job; 'The Boy' was finishing another year at school.   We moved his stuff home last week, then there was Easter.  Family was coming, the house needed a good sort.  'The Girl' came home and said how organized things looked.  I told her not to look downstairs or open any closed doors!

What have I been knitting? Garter stitch lots of garter stitch.  It's my go to knitting when all is chaos.  Just knit, knit knit!


So that's me catching up, we will do this again soon!