Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gone Knitting!

Just a reminder to all of you in blog land that I am on Holidays from today until next Friday at 10 ish.

Closed June 29 and 30th
Closed for July 1st back on July 2nd.

See you then!

5 days off!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Too much fun!

I just unpacked a box of notions, you know the boring stuff that goes with knitting: Stitch markers, sewing needles and buttons.

Then I remembered I had ordered a new tool:

Pom Pom maker! (really fast! easy!) Made one
Made another

now I have more!
Pom Pom anyone!
If you come and see I will let you make one too!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

That was interesting!

I was quietly making my lunch at 1:40 ish and then the building started trembling. I thought "Dave upstairs must be bouncing up the stairs!" then it kept going and boxes on shelves started to move and then it stopped. 'Earthquake?" I thought to myself.

Then the door chime rang and Nancy from next door yelled "Did you feel that!"

We had a little 'street party' as everyone compared notes!

At least is kept us from discussing the weather!

Then we had Weather!...we were lucky just rain, lots of rain this morning!

Back to knitting!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Remember how I was excited about finishing the large lace project?

It started because I had 3 skeins of Vintage wool in Ivory waiting for a project. The pattern said it would take 4, so I started. As the project grew I could see that I could possibly make it slightly smaller and just use the 3 I had in stash. (Trying to be frugal and lazy, bad combination.)

I was working away at the border and the remaining yarn was quickly disappearing. I measured each repeat of the border pattern. It took almost a meter of yarn to get rid of 8 stitches on the needle. There are almost 500 stitches in the last row. Needless to say I was running out of yarn very quickly.

In order to finish the blanket in the smaller size I have to use another skein and only use 40 meters out of the 200 meters.

Do I:
1. Finish the thing with new skein and have lots left over and a slightly smaller blanket.

2. Rip back to beginning of round and join the new ball, finish the blanket in the size it's supposed to be and have a little left over.


3. Rip back and figure out another border that doesn't use as much yarn.

At early this morning I ripped back and I am knitting more rounds to make the blanket bigger.

It will be a while before I finish!

This just in:

Yup you are reading this right, square needles. No decision here!

When I first read about these I thought square? Then I tried them, they are wonderful! You just have to come in and test drive a pair. They do a circular needle too, but I tried it and the cords aren't great, so I am holding off on them for now.

More about them later...gotta find some yarn, to knit......

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Just in time for summer I finally did some quick gardening.

The Fabulous 50's Festival had a great day on Saturday. It looked as though it would pour with rain all day, but only a few drops here and there and then the sun came out in the afternoon.
Bethesda House (our local Women's Shelter) had a fundraiser during the morning. Men put on Red shoes and walked a mile, hence the 'Walk a mile in her Shoes'. There was great applause as they made their way through the town.

June is almost over and next week is July 1st! Last year I took advantage of the July 1st closing and created a little holiday for me! I am doing the same this year.
Soper Creek Yarn will be closed next Tuesday and Wednesday. (June 29 and 30th.)
I will be back Friday and Saturday. (What will I do with 5 days off in a row!)
I am madly knitting away at a very large lace project and I am almost done! Can't wait to show you!

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Other List!

It's Sidewalk Sale time in Bowmanville, lots to do:

1. Window display for the "Fabulous Fifties Theme"2. Time to change the other window while I am in the mood!

3. Make the signs and put all the sale stuff outside!

I think we are ready!
Tomorrow, Saturday, the Main Street will be closed to traffic and it will be filled with 'Vintage Cars" (It's really depressing when the first car I owned is now appearing in the Classic car displays!)
Just warning you about the lack of on street parking, come early for a close spot and spend the day in the Downtown.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Here's the list:

Tempo Worsted was $5.49 now $2.00
Regia Sock Yarn, selected colours, $4.00
Berroco Cuzco, selected colours was $11.95 now $6.00
Marble DK, selected colours, $3.50
Freedom Spirit $3.00
Moods 100 grams $4.00
Freedom Gorgeous DK 50 grams 50% off
all remaining Mirasol Project Wool and Alpaca 40 - 50% off....

and a few surprises
only items in stock and while they last....won't last long.
and as always no returns on sale yarns!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Getting Ready!

The House is clean, really nice not to look at all the accumulated clutter that happens when you ignore stuff.

Now I am in the mood to clean-up some of the stuff that's been in the shop toooo long.

Thursday is the beginning of the sidewalk sale in Bowmanville, I am opening a little earlier (9:30 am!)

Friday evening the shop is hosting a World Wide Knit in Public event from 4 pm - 8 pm, the shop is open until about 8:30 ish. Come and knit inside the Shop, outside on the sidewalk or over at Roses! (She's staying late too, but maybe not as late as us, she starts her day way too early!)

If you like pretty yarn at pretty prices...come early...come often.

More later!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


It's been a up and down week here at Soper Creek. (Go with the flow kinda thing!..'Creek' get it!)

1. Helmet liners are coming in, they look amazing, we still need more. Great way to try out the softness of the Cascade 220. (Helmet liner projects are $5.00 each!) Running a little fundraiser if you would like to donate money to have one of my 35 knitters knit one up for you instead!

2. Ordered a bunch of stuff for fall, great new yarns, fabulous new needles (outside the box fabulous!).

3. Getting ready for the Sidewalk sale next Thursday. Selected yarns will be priced at clearance prices.

4. This morning I decided to do a World Wide Knit in Public event on Friday evening from 4pm - 8 pm. Roses, the coffee shop next door will be open and we can knit outside on the sidewalk, or inside the shop or the cafe!

5. Our Insurance agent is coming on Monday to inspect the house! (the whole house!)

Lots to do...

See you Tuesday.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I don't crochet?

Crochet and I don't usually get along. The terminology always messes me up. I pretend that I don't know, it's just better for everyone involved.

I was playing on the Internet, I do that sometimes, and found this:

Why would I find this so cute?

Because 'The Girl' finished her degree in History, with a minor in Art History! Way to go Girl!
They grow up too fast! 'The Boy' starts in September!

(Graduation Owl) that's the link for the pattern. I used one of my favourite yarns 'Perth'.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bowmanville's a busy place!

This past weekend we had the Fund Raiser for Wounded Warriors, with 1500 motorcycles filling the downtown. This weekend the Rotary Ribfest takes over the Garnet Rickard Complex!

For 3 Days, June 11, 12, 13, there will be lots of family activities and great tasting ribs! This is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Bowmanville and involves all members of the community!

For more information: Ribfest

Next Weekend, the 17, 18, 19th of June, the downtown merchants have their annual Sidewalk sale and 50's Festival. (Saturday is the 50's Festival, the street will be closed again to allow for the show and shine exhibit and give the merchants the opportunity to display goods onto the street, but be warned parking is limited. Good spots are taken up early, or come later there's always room then.)

I have put most of the sale stuff aside, I am getting tired of looking at it, but it will come out again on Thursday (June 17th)! (There will be some great deals...we all love deals...even me!)

No excuses, there's a lot of reasons to come to town!

See you Soon!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

It was noisy....

It's about 4 o'clock and the motorcycles have come and gone. They arrived in Bowmanville about 12:30 it took about 40 minutes for the parade to finish going through the town.

It was noisy, then I kind of 'tuned' out the sound and then all of a sudden it was quiet. There were literally 1000's of them! It was quite a sight. We hope they raised a lot of money for the Wounded Warriors!

See you Tuesday.

Friday, June 4, 2010

4000 motorcycles!

4000 or more motorcycles are coming to Bowmanville, Saturday!The street will be closed to traffic, no parking!

Motorcycles arrive about noon, leave about 4. Come and see the event or come early or later!

I am at a Breakfast meeting so I might be a tad late! 10:30 maybe!

Have a great Weekend!

What every parent wants to hear!

A message was left at the house: "Could 'the Boy' contact the school when he gets this message?". The Boy calls the school, leaves a message that he called, they call back, leaving a message, wondering why he called.

The course he is taking is a math course that is required to get into the University program that he has been accepted into. (We have had many issues with this course, he couldn't take it during highschool, he was away last summer and most of the fall on his big adventure ) If he doesn't receive the credit for the course he can't go to School in the fall. The message has brought out the MOM in me and I am worried about the reason for the unscheduled call.

This morning I call, because I am a MOM. Turns out they are questioning one of the marks on his assignments because his final mark is too high, 103%!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The pile of mulch became just a little bump on the lawn. The Lawn now needs some TLC, rain would be nice, but not today!
The Perennials are slowly taking over the gardens, but so are the weeds, the mulch will help!
The knitting bag remains full of projects!
June already looks like a busy month. Sales Reps are calling to make appointments to see the new fall stuff!
That's all I've got today!
See You Soon!

just in case you are looking for a big project. (I have that Yarn..its on sale too!)
Then you have to see this site. Knitted Chairs
The 'boss' is telling me I have too much to do today to play on the Internet. Got to get back to work.....