Wednesday, September 3, 2014

And we are Back!

What a crazy summer, nothing major just a whole bunch of stuff. 

You may have wondered why blog posts were scarce this summer.  There were a few reasons, mostly our internet at home was terrible for months. The service provider installed a newish dish, which I paid for, then the new dish wouldn't speak to the old equipment on the tower.  Convincing them that it wasn't us was almost impossible, until we plugged a computer into the cable and what do you  know, "we can see that it works but clearly our equipment isn't responding".  "We will get parts" The new parts made it worse, there were different new parts ordered.  Then I threatened with changing internet providers and today everything is normal.

The only time to write the blog was either at the shop or when I was somewhere else with Wifi.

The shop is trashed! New yarn arrived all at once.  There was a mix up with some dates on orders and the only solution was to take everything.  (Why would I book 2 large orders  5 days apart?  The Sales Rep told the company that's what I wanted?)

We are re-organizing and moving furniture and installing some new fixtures.  The Farmer helped, so did The Boy, The Girl and The GBF (Girl's Boy Friend?) not to be confused with The BGF  (The Boy's Girl Friend).

I have an amazing support system around me and even though life has been with many ups and downs this summer they have been wonderful.

We are looking forward to a busy fall season as we head into year 7 of this Yarn adventure!

Happy Knitting,