Saturday, March 22, 2014

A tale of two..

Regan is a lovely knitter; sometimes if I ask nicely she will make a sample for the shop.  One day we were looking through patterns and yarn and it was decided that she would make a sample using a relatively new yarn.  The label told us that the skein of Botany Lace contained 410 meters, we chose the pattern Henslow on Ravelry. (you can purchase the pattern through the shop) The pattern told us we needed 420 meters, close enough?

A few weeks later Regan returned , looking a bit worried, she told us we had a problem.  I expected some huge disaster, the yarn was flawed or the pattern was wrong or the needles broke.  Well, that pattern was right, it really needed 10 more yards, all that she need to finish was that last repeat of the applied border.  Regan even volunteered to rip,back all her work and start again, we considered a change in pattern to fudge the last bit of edging, but really the only solution is to use another skein.  

That meant we would have another 400 meters of leftover fingering weight yarn.  Surfing through Ravelry we found Clapo - ktus!  (its a free one!) 


 Two very different shawls from the same yarn, I really can't decide which I like better!

When I put them on it feels like summer!

See you Soon!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Yarn Challenge Winners 2014

A few minutes to spare, as promised Yarn Challenge Winners:

 First Place went to Jennifer's Maple Leaf Knit Shawl .  She used a bigger needle and being Jennifer may have tweeked the pattern a little.
 Second Place went to Sue's Maple Leaf Mittens..  Again this knitter may have added her own touches to the pattern.
and finally Third place went to Barb's Dog Sweater, which is based on a pattern but really she made it for her own Dog!

More projects will be posted in future blog entries...

See You Soon!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Yarn challenge 2014

Yarn Challenge 2014 was a great event.  We would like to thank the nice folk at Briggs & Little for their participation .
They were nice enough to send the Red and White yarn in a really cool burlap sack!

Sixteen projects were completed and they were all lovely.  Some choose an 'Olympic theme' others choose to Celebrate Canada and some just worked with the two colours.

Briggs & Little Regal has been around for a long time and yet many of the participants had never used this sturdy Canadian yarn.  Personally I own 2 sweaters made from this and they are the warmest ones I own.  I found that this last shipment of yarn is a bit softer than anything I have worked on previously.

When time permits I will post some pictures of the entries, including the winners!

Thanks to those who helped choose the winning entries by voting during the past week.  the Winners of the draw for the three Namaste wallets will be contacted this week.

If you can't wait to see the pictures, click on the Facebook tab and you can't see them there.  you don't have to join Facebook to see what we are doing!

Enjoy the warmish weather today, it might get over freezing today!

See you soon.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Changing Global Health One Stitch at a Time

I began writing a post about why I knit, this says it better.  Its 12 minutes so grab your project and improve your mind, your health and get something done at the same time!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Yarn Challenge, "I'll show you mine!"

Yarn challenge 2014!  
You would think that using only 2 colours would make pattern choices easier.  Many of the participants spent hours going through projects on Ravelry to come up with their final result.

This is my project:   SnoBuddy Family on Ravelry.  They were easy to make and I enjoyed being able to create miniature hats and scarves for each.  One even sports a linen stitch scarf made with Koigu KPPM.

I realize that the middle sized one breaks the 'only use the colours in the kit' rule, but you can't vote for my entry, so it is already disqualified!

Come and see the other entries and vote for your favourites.  We have some talented artists in our midst!

Ballots will be created today and voting continues until March 1st winners declared later that day!

See You Soon!

Friday, February 14, 2014

True Love!

This is a story about true love.  A girl loved this sweater, a boy wanted to make her happy, so he asked his Mom:

'Would you make this?"
The Mom, who loved her Son, said she would try to make the sweater.
Together they found the pattern and 6 weeks ago she started.
The pattern is not for the faint of heart as it is knit using 2.75mm needles. It was like making 6 pairs of socks!
The sweater is lovely, we hope she loves it!

The yarn is Baby Ull, the pattern is on Ravelry!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Here we Snow Again!

We are reminded almost on a daily basis that we live in Canada.  This winter we have received the most snow fall in recent memory.  Conversations are all about the weather and how it's like the winters of our youth!  I grew up just north of Bowmanville and remember snow events that meant the school bus was cancelled for days!  We have been spoiled these past few years as the weather has been relatively mild.

We do live in a beautiful country and we are fortunate to be able to cope with this changeable climate.

Stay safe and warm everyone.  I can hardly wait until it gets warm enough for us to start complaining about the heat!

We cancelled Knitt'n Night as I was worried about the drifting later in the evening and really did not look forward to travelling home in the dark.

The comments on Facebook made me smile as they were concerned for my safety as without me there would not be a Soper Creek Yarn.  I was concerned about my customers safety as with out them there would not be a Yarn shop either!

Thank you!