Monday, January 26, 2015

Henry's Sweater

There are a couple of new little boys in the family!  
Good excuse to knit something.

Last fall I found some nice Cascade 220 quatro at one of the suppliers and decided that it was perfect for a Gramps sweater.  I have made this top down baby sweater before and found that pattern to be well written and easy to follow.  I did however make my own modifications.  I liked the blue green combination but felt that having the button bands and the ribbing in the solid blue was just too bold. 
After finishing the sweater I felt it needed pockets.   Using Elizabeth Zimmermans version of an after thought pocket I was able to add 2 tiny pockets.  (Warning the following photos may alarm some new knitters.)

The pockets were marked  and figured out which row on each side of the sweater was the correct place for the incision.
   I cut the stitch in the center of the row and carefulluly un-picked the knitting.  

This left me with 2 rows of live stitches.  12 on the bottom and 11 on the top.  (That's the engineering)   The 12 on the bottom would become the outside edge of the pocked.  The stitches were  picked up, knit one row and then cast off firmly.
The 11 stitches on the top became the pocket lining. adding a stitch on each end and worked a few rows to make a tiny blue flap.

Then wove in all the ends and stitched down the pocket lining.
The Farmer thinks I go to a lot of trouble sometimes!  

(there are copies at the shop and you can purchase a PDF version through Ravelry from the store as well)
12 - 18 months size.
Cascade 220 quatro super wash.
150 grams of the green, 40 grams of the blue.

The lighting at home was not a good example of the actual colour.

'Pat' models it very nicely.
This post was written a while back, but it had to wait until 'Henry' was given the gift!
See You Soon.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Knitt'n Nights

January has begun and that means we are back to a more normal schedule, including Knitt'n Nights.

Most yarn shops have a group that meets for social time, sometimes you can get some information about knitting or crochet, but it really is meant for an opportunity to meet with those who share your passion.

When Knitt'n Nights began here we had a few knitters who came, we made Mittens for charity and it was called "Knitt'n Mittens", the 'fee' for the group was to knit a pair of Mittens to raise funds for various charities in the area.  We raised over $200 through the sale of handknit mittens and the rest were donated to a Women's Shelter.

As the group grew and we accumulated more chairs, fitting everyone in meant that the shop was completely 'trashed'.  The new space offered a big space without destroying the space too much.

This year we began asking each person to bring a small donation to raise some funds for the Kiva Project.  Kiva is a lending organisation who funds entrepreneurs who would not normally qualify for a loan from the major banks.

We have raised $200 and with that we were able to support 2 businesses. 

As we raise more funds we will add to our portfolio!

I am a firm believer in helping people become independent, encouraging new businesses that will help not only them but their communities.

We have to make room today as Knitt'n Night is tonight!

The next one is in 2 weeks on January 21st!

See you soon!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Out with the old!

Dear 2014:

I am sorry we did not get along very well.  At times you will have to admit you were very difficult, sending people and situations into my life that were challenging and stressful.

There were happy moments. 

 The Boy had an amazing adventure as a Co-op student. He had an opportunity to work at a job that led him to many parts of the United States and Western Canada.  For me as his Mom I worried, the internet was a wonderful way to keep in touch.  He is back 'home' at school and that makes me a bit less worried, I still worry.

The Girl was able to move into a new area at her employer, it's a maternity leave fill in and she is now working in one of the prettiest jobs in Canada!

The stressful moments involved The Farmer and a new piece of equipment we installed. We spent most of the summer trying to convince the manufacturer that the fault lies within the equipment.  They blamed everything else. (Cows, water, feed, barn all the things that were in place before the new equipment arrived.)  Finally we proved that they were mistaken and now we are waiting to have a new system installed.  Once it's up and running we can never discuss it!  (Legal stuff)

I learned a lot through this ordeal; how to spell 'pseudomonas'; the staff at the University of Guelph Lab services are amazing; we have wonderful  friends and neighbours.

It seemed as if 2014 was filled with complications, everything took 5 more steps than needed to get accomplished.

This year we replaced the furnace and air conditioning, hot water tank, stove, computers, internet services and an emergency purchase of a very large piece of farm equipment. 

So, 2014, it is time you and I parted ways, I know you were leaving anyway but as the saying goes: don't let the front door hit you on the way out!



Monday, December 1, 2014

Now we are six

6 years! Yes Six years ago this journey began.

'The Girl' loved being six.  She oftens wishes she was that age again; old enough to look after yourself, read stories, get ready for bed and school without help, play with friends and no chores!

At Six Soper Creek Yarn is becoming more 'independent'. Days are becoming more routine and we are getting to know what kind of things that customers would like to see in the shop.

The journey to Six has been filled with a few ups and downs, but on the whole I have learned a lot about myself.

As we head into Seven we look forward to offering some new lines, perhaps expanding some learning oppotunities.

some  memories of the shop as it 'grows up':

The first windows:

First Day:
First Yarn Challenge

 Filled to the brim:

Royal Family Fun!

 Just before we move into next door!

The only time 'The Farmer' uses knitting needles:

Shop expansion 2013!

This week Friday is Moonlight Magic, one of my favourite downtown events.

The shop will open until 10 pm on Friday, stop in anytime on Friday for some treats and cider! 

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Muggles: Non-magic people (more commonly known as muggles) were particularly afraid of magic in medieval times, but not very good at recognizing it."

—Excerpt from A History of Magic, by Bathilda Bagshot[src]

Sometimes I like to call those who don't understand why we knit or crochet: 'muggles'!

They don't get it.

Why do I knit?

1. I am not a patient person, waiting without something to do is just wrong.
2. I like to multi task, why do one thing when you can do six?
3. I like to create.
4. I love colour, and texture and fabric.
5. Knitting helps me think.
6. Knitting helps me to stop 'thinking'.
7. Knitting allows me to justify watching 'crappy' television.
8. Knitting is therapy!
9. But mostly:.


We all have a need to create and be creative, knitting, weaving, crochet and all those other pursuits are just part of being human?

Plus knitting keeps us warm, wool socks, wool blanket wool scarves!

Go create something beautiful!

Saturday, October 11, 2014


When did that happen.

I was informed the other day that again it's been well over a month since I posted anything.

Let's just say that there has been more than a lot going on.  Don't worry no one is ill and we are just going through a few bumps in everything we do as a family.

'The Farmer' has new equipment at the barn and its not going well, we are working on it. (It has taken most of my extra time to deal with this!) 'The Boy' is travelling around North America doing a really cool job as a co-op student.  I am getting really good at driving him to the airport at 'way to early' o'clock. 'The Girl', drops home more often and is helping with the heavy lifting!

Summer was quick, we got to enjoy some of it.  The trailer sits on our front lawn waiting to be used again but that didn't happen so soon we will put it away for the season.  Next Year!

We have promised each other (The Farmer and I) that there won't be any renovations, upgrades or  expansions next year!

The shop? The shop is great, we have moved things around; purchased new gift lines and added a couple of new brands to the mix.  Customers have responded well to our new choices.

Did you know that we are just about to celebrate our 6th Anniversary?  6 years ago I was purchasing yarn this weekend. On the way home, after spending a huge amount of money, the news reports that we were heading into the worst recession ever.  I was hoping that people would knit their way through it and they did!

This week, October 18th,  is Bowmanville's Apple Festival and Craft Sale, one of my favourite downtown events.  We know that some of you don't like the crowds but want a chance to purchase the clearance yarn that will be outside, beginning on Thursday our class area will again be filled with yarn on Sale! You just never know what goodie you may find in the mix!

See you Soon!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

And we are Back!

What a crazy summer, nothing major just a whole bunch of stuff. 

You may have wondered why blog posts were scarce this summer.  There were a few reasons, mostly our internet at home was terrible for months. The service provider installed a newish dish, which I paid for, then the new dish wouldn't speak to the old equipment on the tower.  Convincing them that it wasn't us was almost impossible, until we plugged a computer into the cable and what do you  know, "we can see that it works but clearly our equipment isn't responding".  "We will get parts" The new parts made it worse, there were different new parts ordered.  Then I threatened with changing internet providers and today everything is normal.

The only time to write the blog was either at the shop or when I was somewhere else with Wifi.

The shop is trashed! New yarn arrived all at once.  There was a mix up with some dates on orders and the only solution was to take everything.  (Why would I book 2 large orders  5 days apart?  The Sales Rep told the company that's what I wanted?)

We are re-organizing and moving furniture and installing some new fixtures.  The Farmer helped, so did The Boy, The Girl and The GBF (Girl's Boy Friend?) not to be confused with The BGF  (The Boy's Girl Friend).

I have an amazing support system around me and even though life has been with many ups and downs this summer they have been wonderful.

We are looking forward to a busy fall season as we head into year 7 of this Yarn adventure!

Happy Knitting,