Monday, January 31, 2011

Now with pictures!

I finished this sweet shawl/scarf called 'Just enough Ruffles' (pattern available for purchase at the shop) using Nashua's Yarn Julia. Lovely soft and easy, just do what the pattern says! (I didn't at first and had to rip back a few rows to start again.)

Pictures of our first 'Knitt'n Night', there were 10 of us all together, we decided that instead of starting at 7 pm, you could come from 6 - 8:30 and come and go as you have time. Our focus for this session is Shawls, we may cover a few new techniques to learn along the way.
Lots of knitting and laughing. At one point it got very quiet, I think everyone was on a 'pattern' row or counting many stitches!

This Friday we meet again! 6 pm - 8:30. Bring your knitting and a refreshment if needed.
See you Soon.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Farmer goes to the City!

Yesterday, Sunday, was The Farmer's day off! (He works 20 days and then gets a day where there are no chores, except the stuff at home) After emptying the dishwasher, doing a load of his own wash and shovelling the walk we headed off to the big city.

So what does a Farmer do in the city? He goes to see a play about rural life. We went to see Rod Beattie perform in 'Wingfield, Lost and Found'. It's all about a stock broker who moves to the country to live the simple life as a farmer. We first saw the first of this series performed by the same actor when The Boy was still 'The Baby'. Even after 20 years he does this one man show perfectly. His characters are fabulous. The best part is that everyone of his neighbours are more or less like some of ours, maybe just like us? The best line in the play: "'Belted Galloway" that's the breed that looks like an oreo cookie, do you eat the middle first?" or something like that.

On the way there and maybe even on the way back we may have dropped into a yarn shop or 2.

I finished the shawl/scarf thing that was giving me so much trouble at the first of the week. (I did take knitting with me, but left it in the car during the performance.) I did see one 'Clapotis' and a lovely 'nordic' sweater in the crowd. Pictures later.

I am trying to catch up at home, but as you can see I am putting off the dull stuff.

See You Soon.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


We made Mittens for our first 'Friday Nite Knitt'n' Sessions. This Friday is the first of another project. You know how much I love to make shawls, well its been a favourite of a few others and we would like to introduce more of you in the art of making shawls. (I would love to call it "Shawl we Knit" but its 'lame' as The Girl would clearly tell me.)

Starting this Friday at 7 ish, we will meet here at Soper Creek Yarn, clear off the table, find the chairs and work on your current favourite Shawl Pattern. (I won't remove you from the fun if you show up with another project, even crochet?)

These sessions will run every other Friday from now until Spring. It was even suggested that we could meet earlier in the evening, if that was more convenient for some, we can discuss that option on Friday.

Friday 7 pm - 8:30 ...Friday Nite Knitt'n, all skill levels welcome, bring your needles and yarn. Or I might be able to find something new for you to start!

We discussed the fee, its been decided that we make a contribution to our favourite Charity. Details when you come.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Things I Learned today!

Things I learned today:

1. If you are going to stand on a wet sweater to squish the water out, take off the wool socks!

2. Even though the new 'mop' refill says 'fits all #$#$ mops', they don't.
Now I have a broken mop, a refill that doesn't fit and a dirty bathroom floor.

3. When you are knitting a project be sure to take measurements every so often.

4. I really dislike shopping for clothes!

5. Frill Seeker has arrived, 7 colours are keeping cool in the back of the car. (Thanks to the staff at Gather (51 King East) for watching the box for me today!)

See You Soon,

Friday, January 14, 2011



A quick post to let you know that I am still here.

First on the list, Frill Seeker is coming, next Tuesday it should be in the shop, but...there is always a but! They are only shipping 2 of the original colours, but they are sending 4 new spring colours! It won't last long!

Lessons, Gwen has set up a schedule for some lessons. What we would like to know is what you would like to learn and what time works for you!

Email me and let me know: tina at sopercreekyarn dot ca

Seth's blog, a while back posted something about leaving a mark,

"There's a sign on most squash courts encouraging players to wear only sneakers with non-marking soles. I'm not sure there's such a thing. If you're going to do anything worthy, you're going to leave a mark."

What kind of mark are you leaving!

See You Soon!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Usually Mondays are for laundry, medical appointments and book keeping stuff.

Yesterday I left the house for a Dentist appointment with the basement laundry room in a mess! (more than usual) When The Farmer and I purchased the new laundry team 2 years ago the the front load machines were plumbed the wrong way. It was decided then that we would switch their positions so that when the doors were open they wouldn't meet in the middle.

Sunday The Farmer and The Boy created a new cement pad that was level and smooth, so that the washer would stop inching its way across the floor. (The Farmer, who was the same age as the boy when they poured the original floor said: 'If I knew that I was going to live in this house 36 years ago I would have done a better job of levelling the floor in the first place.'

Monday the two machines sat waiting for the concrete to dry. I took this as a sign to head into the big city. There were paper bags to buy and a visit to the warehouse was a good excuse to get out for the day.

I picked up yarn! Yea more yarn.

New to the shop Triana from Katia, like Frill Seeker, a real quick knit and a very fun scarf. Right now I just have two colours the Violet and Fuschia. I knit a sample last night, after we put the laundry room back together! I have a feeling they won't last long.

See You Soon.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Hi Tina!

"This is S, just a call to let you know that Frill Seeker has not arrived. They sent it to Montreal...don't come and pick it up Monday like you planned!

Have a great day!"

The Frill Seeker Saga continues, for all of you waiting, wait another week!

See you Soon.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

1st Week!

The Girl requested a Hood/Cowl thing for a gift for Christmas, she received 3 pattern choices. She chose this one: She then was allowed to come to the shop and choose the yarn. Her choice? Baby Alpaca Sport part of the Diamond Luxury Collection. (One of the nicest in the shop!) It took 4 skeins. After it was done we went shopping for buttons, after much deliberation we chose a selection from the button collection, vintage and added a couple of new pewter ones and this is the result.
The picture was taken very quickly yesterday, just before she and The Farmer left to take her to the train.
We also took a moment to snap a shot of the mitts I made for her out of Lopi, what you can't see is the 'mini gloves' she wears underneath. They are 'itchy' to her, she is a Princess in more ways than one.

I miss her already.
Last night I finished a scarf, pictures later.
We are heading to the end of the first week of this new year, looks like a busy year already!
See You Soon.

I just noticed that the links won't let you get past the Ravelry main page, a good time to sign up! Then it takes you into the 'pandora's box' of knitting. Have fun! You thought facebook was fun!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to Work!

We had a lovely break. We survivied Christmas! No trips to Urgent Care! For those of you with children will remember how every Holiday Season wasn't complete without at least one trip to 'emerg'.

It's back to a normal schedule, whatever that is.

On the knitting front I managed to finish a few projects, my model was sleeping when I left so more of that later. Camera is back from the camera hospital! Expect loads of pictures.

Kollage Square Circular Needles have arrived! Try explaining those to the 'muggles'!

Waiting patiently for a parcel with some really interesting patterns!

See You Soon.