Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Few of my Favourite Things....

This phrase and the song that goes with it always reminds me of the couple who were like grandparents to us when we were growing up. This couple were the owners of the property we lived on and we looked after their 'Country' home. He was a bank executive and she followed him as they travelled around the world. A wonderful couple who were very generous and kind. At Christmas time they would invite us kids to come and help decorate the outdoor Christmas tree they had on the deck of the Cottage they used as a weekend retreat. As we decorated and visited with them the would put on the record of the Sound of Music. My sister said years later that she always thought that the Musical was a Christmas time play. The Christmas gifts to us were usually wrapped in brown paper and tied with a red satin ribbon! (Brown Paper packages tied up with string!)

A few of may favourite things came this week. A shipment of Buddy and Snap Cases from Namaste, Some new yarn from Sirdar called the One Hour Scarf it sells for $19.95 a ball and one ball makes a scarf! Great Gift...a new favourite thing for me! I have 5 colours!

I have been madly knitting all my UFO's and promised myself I wouldn't attempt to start anything new! (I am too embarrassed to tell you how many I have on the go right now!)

Musically I am listening to the new Blue Rodeo album, if you like them its a good one, another new favourite thing!

Winter, right now not a favourite thing.

Back to getting ready for the big day and trying to keep warm.

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