Monday, April 25, 2016

Family time!

Our family has had a hectic week! 

'The Farmer' had shoulder surgery. He is at home recovering.  This meant that both 'The Girl' and 'The Boy' came home for the weekend.  It was nice to have everyone all under one roof!  

We also got to celebrate 'The Boy's' birthday.  Today he turns 26! We are proud of the things he has been able to accomplish and because he is a true genetic copy of 'The Farmer' he is helpful, clever and hard working!

If you come to the shop you will see some of his handiwork.  When he has time he ha been creating a variety of metal sheep.  The current version require needle felted fleece! I got a bet behind in the production so he sat down and finished a few himself!

Happy Birthday my Boy!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I took some knitting!

Yesterday was surgery day! 'The Farmer's'injury was almost a year ago, by the time he realized that it wasn't going to get better it was July, then the ultra sound was booked. It confirmed there was a tear in the shoulder tendon.  A letter to the surgeon was sent, the appointment booked and then we waited. 

Timing isn't perfect, especially during spring planting for a Farmer.  There have been offers of help and he does have partners so things will get done without him.  

We were pleased when we were told that the surgeon works out of our local hospital.  It meant I could drop him off and head home to wait.  

Today we are home, both kinda tired as sleeping was difficult last night.  So we are both recovering!

Another day for the shop to be closed.  There will be appointments so there may be other days that we may need to close.

Why close, why not just have others fill in? 

1. Closing means there will be no phone calls and questions that only I can answer.
2. There currently isn't enough staff to completely fill in full days.  (Moms with school aged kids need to think about their families first!)
3.When you come to our shop I want staff that can answer every question about yarn, gauge, yardage, needles, washing instructions.  (We are not a big box store, we are a full service shop!)
4. It's a Yarn Shop, you more than likely have something in time out you could be working on until I get back.

See you tomorrow!

Monday, April 18, 2016

He said I could take my Knitting

I knit to keep those times when I have to sit and wait productive.  There will be a lot of that this week!

Today I am at the truck dealership! 'The Farmer' booked this appointment last week and we planned a date as it was a Monday, one of my days off.  The weather turned nice! He is out planting oats and I am here knitting and catching up. Fortunately they have a bit of Wifi I can steal!

Unfortunately I did not bring enough!

A reminder that the shop is closed April 19 and 20 as 'The Farmer' has a bit of surgery planned.  We are back 10 am on the 21st!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

So nice I made it Thrice?

I solved 3 problems with these?

1.  I needed something mindless to do, but also wanted an bit of a challenge.

2. The pot holder, hot mat drawer in my house was filled with the most tattered looking, slightly burnt and over washed remnants of things received as Wedding Gifts! 

3. There  was that one big ball, or at least a part of a big ball of dishcloth cotton in my stash, it was either find a new home or use it soon!

I made the smaller one during. 'Father Brown' and 'Vera'.  The middle one was completed during 'Call the Midwife' and 'Grandchester'. I Finally finished the last one during a repeat of 'Miss Marple'  Needless to say they were an easy project for good tv 'busy work'

The pattern is a free one on Ravelry:

Follow the links to the video and it will give you all you need to know?

Surprised by the change of craft? I do crochet, but without much skill.  They may be a bit wonky, but they will be good replacements for those occupying space in our kitchen.

You will see by the photo there is some Alpaca to process too!  
Tonight Survivor is on, 'The Farmer' enjoys that program, so back to my usual projects!

See you soon!