Saturday, August 22, 2015

Growing up!

Sometimes, well most of the time,  I wonder where the time is going.  The summer is flying by and we are having fun watching a puppy turn into a full grown dog in just a matter of weeks. It's forcing me to,be vigilant about my knitting and my shoes!  

Then I remind myself that the shop will be 7 years old this year and  tomorrow 'The Girl' celebrates her birthday! She is now 1/2 my age, yet it seems like just weeks since she was just a little girl.  'The Farmer' and I have loved watching her grow and learn and become a capable human being.  As our first born she taught us about patience, smiling and letting go of the small things!

Happy Birthday dearie!

Friday, August 7, 2015

It's a Small World!

Isn't it interesting how small the world seems to be getting.  Technology lets us interact with anyone on the planet.  'The Girl' is visiting friends in Western Canada, turns out one of the cousins has worked one of with her cousins here in Ontario?

In January I went to the Gift Show, trying to find new products to help round out the selection of the shop.  At the farthest part of the building, there was a booth filled with Felted Products from Nepal.  I was chatting with the owner, who in a way resembled me.  Long dark, slightly graying hair.  She spoke with an accent which didn't fit with the fact the she lives in Australia.  Turns out she is Dutch, born in a village not to far from where most of my relatives live.

Here we were in a building in Toronto, both from the same region in The Netherlands a chance meeting?  The 2 of us were speaking of our love of wool, colour and fair trade products.  If I was Anne Shirley I would have called us kindred spirits.

We built a lovely order, and after a couple of months the products arrived.  Felted fabrics, pom poms, flower shapes and interesting silk yarns and handmade felt birds and bird houses. 

The products are handmade in Nepal.  The tragedy of all this is that although the factory survived the earthquake in May but  40 of the employees have lost their homes, everything really.

The company has set up an account to help raise funds to help their employees re build.  During the summer I would like to provide a space to help these people directly.

Next weekend August 15 th is Bluesfest in Bowmanville.  We will have a bit of a fundraiser for the families that lost there homes.  Sort of a yarn sale, but it will be from personal stash.  If you would like to participate please contact the shop.

More details to follow very soon.

This week we received the first of many shipments to come for fall and winter!

One in particular features Canadian made goods, 100% wool.

I love the thrummed mitts!

I am at the car dealership again, stealing the internet again. The Internet at home is...well you know, so here I sit and wait and catch up.

See you soon!