Monday, December 1, 2014

Now we are six

6 years! Yes Six years ago this journey began.

'The Girl' loved being six.  She oftens wishes she was that age again; old enough to look after yourself, read stories, get ready for bed and school without help, play with friends and no chores!

At Six Soper Creek Yarn is becoming more 'independent'. Days are becoming more routine and we are getting to know what kind of things that customers would like to see in the shop.

The journey to Six has been filled with a few ups and downs, but on the whole I have learned a lot about myself.

As we head into Seven we look forward to offering some new lines, perhaps expanding some learning oppotunities.

some  memories of the shop as it 'grows up':

The first windows:

First Day:
First Yarn Challenge

 Filled to the brim:

Royal Family Fun!

 Just before we move into next door!

The only time 'The Farmer' uses knitting needles:

Shop expansion 2013!

This week Friday is Moonlight Magic, one of my favourite downtown events.

The shop will open until 10 pm on Friday, stop in anytime on Friday for some treats and cider!