Saturday, April 30, 2011

Catching Up!

What better thing to do on a Saturday night then catch up with everything.
I have unloaded the camera..about 100 pictures. I promise I won't post them all! The last two yarn challenge entries. Shawna's 'Penny' (the Goat) and Helen's 'my girl Mitts' (Sunshine on a cloudy day!)

There is a bunny at the shop..that needs a picture, but seeing as it is my entry I can post some other time.

Next Week:

More yarn is making its way to the clearance area!

Saturday is Bowmanville's Maplefest! The first of the Festivals. King Street is closed to traffic and is filled with music and food and fun! (Parking is limited and if you don't like the crowds and chaos...come during the week.) It's always fun!

See You Soon.

Friday, April 29, 2011

What a Week!

This past week has been a bit hectic to say the least. I have to admit that coming into the shop everyday has been a lovely break!

Last Thursday I spoke to the Northumberland Needles and Hooks Group, then it was Good Friday. Saturday Mary and I frantically were putting together the final pieces of the Wedding Party. The Girl arrived home late Saturday. Sunday she and I finished "bedazzling" the Queen, The Bride and Camilla. Monday, we drove to see The Boy as he finished his last exam and celebrated his 21st Birthday. The Girl left for 'home' on Wednesday, (she takes the train, this time she took 3 bags of Ondas, her new Work boots and a baseball bat!) The Farmer and I went to the Clarington Board of Trade annual dinner where 'The Boys' accepted an award for the Top agricultural business in Clarington. Thursday, that windy nasty day, I spent 4 hours in a dark shop cleaning up and for the first time since I opened I closed early! (Sorry about that!) A HST report kept me busy last night and today was The Wedding!

Tonight a Wedding Reception!

If I look a little weary...please understand.

It's all Good. Wouldn't have it any other way.

See You Soon.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just in case you need more about the 'Wedding'

I wasn't sure that you would have had enough about the Royal Wedding.

Come and see our version of this book! We had fun, would we do them again...letmethinkaboutthatno.

See You Soon!

Going to knit something Garter Stitch.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mondays are for....


The Boy turns 21 today, can't hardly think about all the things we have done in the past 21 years!

Along with being 21 today, he also had a final exam and needed to be out of his residence room by tomorrow. He brought a bunch of stuff home last week and told us he could move the rest himself. I thought about all the stuff and then tried to imagine how he was going to get it all in his little truck.

Being Monday and my 'day off' we decide to surprise him by driving up to school to take him out for supper. The Girl, The Farmer and I headed out and were there in the early afternoon...we had a lovely supper out and loaded the Escape with all his stuff. (The Boy looked quite releived to see all his stuff in our vehicle!)

I have been looking for a couple of Union Jacks to put into the semi secret window display. On the way to the restaurant what should we pass but a little Scottish shop. $6 for 2 Union Jacks!

Now back to doing the finishing touches, I hope to have it completed by Wednesday.

The Sale continues...come check out the discounts on some lovely Yarn!

See You Soon.

Happy Birthday boy?

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Green Team part 2

There were 16 entries in this Year's Yarn Challenge its taking quite a while to get them all posted.
Suzanne's Baby Surprise Jacket...#1 and First Prize. Gwen's Felted cup cozy..this was the final result after many attempts.

Joanne's Baby sweater and Hat. (Somehow I managed to totally miss taking a picture of the actual was adorable.)

Last night I was the guest speaker at the Northumberland Hooks and Needles Guild. There were a few familiar faces and it was interesting to see everyone knitting away at projects while I spoke! I don't do these very often and I tend to ramble on...kind of like a blog post. Needless to say I brought too much stuff to show!

Today there was a Good Friday Service at Church and the Choir sang. Then spent the afternoon quietly working on a semi secret project. Let's just say it seemed like a really good idea at the time. After working on this for too many hours my hands are very sore..but I think the results will be fun. Watch the shop windows for the results.

Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Green Team part 1

We had a lot of the yarn challenge entrants choose the green Cascade 220 for the alternate colour:

Christina's crochet stars scarf: Casey's Snail:

and Nancy's Felted Hat:

A reminder that the shop is closed on Friday for Good Friday. Saturday we are open 10 - 5. Happy Easter Weekend!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Do we have any string?

There is a small renovation project being done around here and The Farmer asks: "Do we have any string?" I respond: "Would you like Merino string, or alpaca string, lace weight or chunky!"

(I thought it was funny!)

A quiet Sunday and time to catch up.

Yarn Challenge entries:

The Purple Team:Arlene's Felted Bag: Lesson learned: check for colour bleeding before proceeding. Still looks great!Bonnie's hat for grandchild, a perfect match to the snowsuit!Laurie's Rat Race Scarf:'Redd's' Mitts, her first colour work project!

More photos later this week.

Reminder that the shop is Closed for Good Friday and that the Spring Cleaning event continues....

See You Soon.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Yarn Challenge Pictures!

The Blue Team: Leg Warmers by Sarah
"Soper Creek Yarn" by Frances (a personal favourite)
Crochet Owl by Debbie Also on the blue team was the 'Barn Hat' created by Katherine.

The projects are so varied, everyone had the same yarn and look what they all created!

Next post the Green Team!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A New Week!

Last week was a tough week. I appreciated the kind words from all of you as we faced losing someone so suddenly. I know that there will be moments that we will miss Monica very much and they will come without warning. Today we went to another visitation for the father and grandfather of friends...we celebrated his life and accomplishments! That's 3 in 3 weeks! Life is precious!

It's back to work and happier thoughts. Yarn challenge entries are slowly being returned to their creators. These are the 3 winners: Nancy's felted Hat: Katherine's "Barn Hat" (Katherine is 3 for 3, she has won something every year!)First Place was Suzanne's "Baby Surprise Jacket" (Suzanne learned to knit 2 years ago!)More pictures during the week.

I have been looking around the shop and pulling a few yarns and placing them aside. After 2 years of being open there are some leftovers and some ends of lines that need to be cleaned up to make room for new stuff. Beginning on Wednesday there is a Spring Cleaning Event happening. Over the next couple of weeks the yarn will come out of hiding and put into baskets at great prices! Each week the selection will change!
The sidebar will tell you what's on sale this week!
Come early, come often!
See you Soon.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This Week

I had plans this week, and now the mood is not right. This Saturday there is a Memorial Service for my friend Monica. I had the privilage of knowing Monica through our Church Choir. I will have to close the shop in the afternoon on Saturday to attend. Come before noon, I hope you will understand.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

And the Winners are:

Wow, this was really tough. The entries were all amazing and all the projects received multiple votes.

It was a busy day and thanks to Judy we tallied the votes very late in the day.

First place goes to Suzanne's Baby Surprise Jacket, 2nd and 3rd (actually they tied for 2nd.) Nancy's Felted Hat and Katherine's 'Barn Hat". Honourable mentions go to Arlene's felted bag and Shawna's "Penny".

Pictures next week.

Just a bit of a heads up, there is a funeral I have to attend and I may have to leave the shop for a few hours one day next week. (I will keep you posted)

See You Soon.