Saturday, December 12, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Yesterday the wind was bitter. Customers who came into the shop had that same 'frozen' look on their faces as they opened the door.

Perfect weather to show off all that knitting that keeps you distracted!

I finished the Noro Scarf I started last week. (Does that mean I get to start something else?) I have been waiting all week for a parcel, a special order some regular stock and new yarn. I received a call from the shipper to enquire about my location. Turns out it's been shipped to Oshawa, they have to send it back to the distribution centre and re-send it to me, I may get it Monday, and we all know Mondays are for Laundry!! (This is not a new company, one of my regulars...not happy!!)

Time to get those last few gifts done and think about some big project in January.

I am currently trying to come up with another Yarn Challenge, any suggestions?

Keep Warm

See You soon.

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