Sunday, January 31, 2010

Out with the old ....

Clearance stuff is starting to move, as more of it sells the deeper the discounts will become. There is a clearance bin of interesting yarns at $2.95 each or 10 for $25.00.

In the past week I have met with 2 sales reps and 2 are coming this week. There is just soooo much yarn out there, its really hard to not want everything. (You think you have stash issues!)

I like to try some of the new and different yarns on the market, we will find whether you like them or not!

Also this week is the beginning of the "Soper Creek Yarn Challenge". Those of you who participated last year will remember how much fun we had with this event. Many asked for it to be an annual event. Unfortunately or fortunately it will run at the same time as the 'Knitting Olympics' or Ravelry's version of it! But you could use your project for both, I won't tell.

Friday you will be able to pick up the Kits of 5 25 gram balls of Mission Falls 1824 wool. Those who purchase the $5.00 kit will also qualify to purchase more of this lovely yarn for 15% off. The only rule is that you have to use all 5 colours in your project and it must be into the shop for voting on March 6th.

More details later.!

Get your thinking caps on!

Oh yes...there are prizes!

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