Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I finished some things!

Yesterday was an ordinary Monday, a bit of laundry, some accounting, a trip to the bank, a chiropractor appointment, to the health shop, took down the Christmas tree and some knitting.

The Girl bought her computer, she is happy! Promises me that she will watch her spending and will take good care of this new investment in her future! (The logic for the Mac is that she won't have to call me in the middle of the night to tell me that the computer quit again!)
The batteries are all charged I can now show you that I do knit and finish things. First a pair of fingerless mitts made with Alpaca Sox. Pattern is from Berocco called Midge done on 2.75mm needles.
Then Beaumont Beanie from the new 'Made in Brooklyn' collection by Jared Flood. I loved the pattern, but it was one of those that you had to do this when you weren't distracted.
The inside is almost as nice as the right side:

I thought I would attempt the extremely difficult thrummed mitts, only to find that they were a breeze. I am making up kits with the roving and pattern. Less than $20 to make them yourself!

I went to Terrens Wellness Centre in Orono to pick up some stuff and to get good advice from Karen. While I was there she set up a gift certificate for our friend S.B. . ..When she arrived this morning to collect her gift she proudly showed off her scarf, garter stitch in 3 colours worked length ways. Turned out great. I will get the stitch details later.
Now of course since I actually finished things its on to new projects, I wonder what to do next!


Christine said...

oh i would love to get that scarf pattern!

Christine said...

ps: long long ago when i was much less experienced and had never even made regular mittens, i tried the thrummed mitten thing (don't ask me why i thought i'd have any luck!), but gave up. maybe its time to try again?