Thursday, February 4, 2010

In with the new!

It was a crazy day of driving around on Monday. One of the trips, there were many, was to pick up my package of Baba Tree Baskets. They come in a great big bag that's more awkward than heavy. (Big sign on the bag says: "Please do not drag!") Inside the bag are 20 baskets! They come squished into a shape that allows all of them to nest together. Kind of like this: Then I separated them so you can see them all 'apart'.
Then the fun starts. You need to be brutal to get them back into a shape that looks like a basket.

After that they overfill the living room. (Notice the lovely green rug, its the original carpet from 1972!)
Next step, into the basement to soak each and then re-shape may be a while before they make it into the shop.
These always make me happy! No two are the same, they are made individually completely by hand. Gregory, the basket wrangler, makes sure that they are well made and that the weaver is paid fairly for these.
The shop was looking a little empty with out them!

New things are arriving and clearance stuff is still making its way out.
Don't forget about the Yarn Challenge....starts soon!
See you soon!

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