Monday, March 23, 2009

I know it's Monday...

and I am not supposed to be in the store, laundry will have to wait. I wanted to dismantle the window, and get the entries safetly stashed so that there creators can come and claim them. I took a few moment to take some photos;

I have to admit the window wasn't one of my best creations. It did get lots of attention.

We have the winning entries: Katherine's Teapot Cosy, Laurie's 'Hooville' Hat, Angela's Felted Flowers and Nancy's 'Boo'

Thank-you to everyone who took part in the challenge. I am thinking about next year's contest.
We used Shepherd 100% Classic Wool. Everyone was surprised that the wool was not only colourful and soft, but it worked up beautifully and made them rethink the 'but wool is itchy' theory.
It will take me all year to come up with the next one!

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