Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monday is for...meeting nice people!

Yesterday I took a road trip into the big city. Yup left the cornfield to fight the chaos! First stop, more of my nice brown bags. Customer Service people fetched and carried everything I needed. Then on to the big warehouse filled with wonderful yarn! There was an order waiting for me to pick up. The Guys in the warehouse are so patient with me as I wonder around looking for just the right thing. If you look at the bags check out the handy dandy carry handles they make for me! They are so thoughtful.
Then on to another supplier for a new product line. Beads, mostly beads for working into your knitting. Just a small sampling.
My last stop of the day was to another yarn place where the Sales Rep and I chatted about yarns for spring. I have met so many hard working wonderful people.
When you shop at my store not only are you helping me support our family, but some of that goes to support all those fine people in warehouses and factories around the world.
We all thank you!
See you soon...still trying to unload the car.
(Husband phoned while I was in one of those places. "Are you driving?" he asks. "No I say, buying yarn! Which is worse?" )

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