Saturday, January 9, 2010


This morning someone 'beeped' my phone. (We are on one of those 2 way networks.)

I 'shouted politely' to my still in bed son: "Is that you or me?"

'It's yours' he politely 'shouts' back. Check my phone, it's The Boy's BFF calling me so as not to wake up Boy.

Spent a good part of the night on-line looking at computer options for the Girl. We decide last night that despite that the Apple would be the best machine, the PC is really all 'she' can afford.

This morning there is an email waiting for me..."MAC?"

Needless to say we are no further ahead than last night and I didn't get a chance to knit!

It's a beautiful day today, the dog and I had a lovely 5 minute walk through the snow. Take advantage and get outside! (I know it's cold, but that's why we knit all that woolly stuff.!)

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