Friday, January 8, 2010


I got a call from The Girl this morning. We both have been having issues with our computers. Mine at home is giving me problems and needs someone to look at it, but her 5 year old one has been giving her trouble for a while. The Laptop that is much newer needs $700 in repairs! (ya that's what I thought)

She is 4 hours from home, no car to get computer to computer place and so it was decided that she just get another laptop. I would move money into her account, isn't that what joint mother/child accounts are for? I wish I had a joint account with someone with more funds than me!

We have the weekend to decide what to get. She thinks an Apple would be the best long run computer...any thoughts?

Email me with any suggestions as to a good machine for not a lot of money? Or do you love your Apple so much that its worth the extra money?

The sooner we decide the sooner I can get back to knitting.


A box of summer cotton was unpacked this's -10 degrees Celsius today!
finished a bunch of stuff, pictures to come soon....

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deblyn said...

I purchased a MAC for my daughter who was always having trouble with PC's. It has been blissfully virus free and working fine for 2 years. The last PC came from the store with a virus. Good luck