Tuesday, November 27, 2012


It was 'The Farmer's' day off on Sunday and just like the last one three weeks ago I found him something to do!  

When Soper Creek Yarn opened 4 years ago, (yes I know) I had literally minutes to decide on a light fixture for the windows.  The guys doing the electrical work had arrived and wanted to do everything right away.  I raced down to the nearest shop that had light fixtures and picked out something.  After they were up I realized they were wrong.  After years of playing around with bulbs and timers the only solution was new fixtures.

The biggest issue is that the fixture has to have a fairly large base to hide the huge hole in the ceiling that used to hold a large pot light fixture. The lights need to highlight the objects in the window and not the ceiling of the window display.   We considered a track system but that meant removing the screen 'The Farmer' installed and I really didn't want to do that.  Saturday night after the Shop closed I went shopping for fixtures and found a very nice simple design that seemed to fit all the requirements.  Then purchased a new timer so that the lights will go off late at night and we won't waste electricity.

The first light went up pretty easily.  The second became this big production as nothing was lining up.  At one point a knitting needle was just the right tool to help things along.  A 2mm needle was too flimsy the 4.5mm was just the right gauge.

Wonder what project I will have lined up for 'The Farmer' on his next day off?

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