Thursday, September 27, 2012


I was excited to start this project using the Misti Alpaca Qolla.  I played with colours for awhile on Saturday  and  decided to use a Casscade 220 in soft green as the 2nd colour.  Tuesday night I cast on the 200 plus stitches and knit about 2 inches.
 The Misti Alpaca was completely lost in the design.  The green was too bright and this was not working.  Wednesday I frogged (rippit, rippit) all the previous nights work.
I cast on the stitches again and last night I reknit the pattern.  The Misti Alpaca now is the predominant colour and the green is a lovely contrast.  

Sometimes it takes a few tries to get what you want!

What else am I working on:  A little boy sweater that has ripped back once, and may spend a bit of time in the basket until I decide whether to finish it or frog it too!  Then there are 6 inches of a sleeve to finish on a sweater for myself.  (Maybe that will get done this weekend!)

In just 2 weeks it is Bowmanville's Apple Festival and Craft Sale.   We plan to have tables with clearance yarn and a 'sample' sale.  There is quite a selection of lovely samples that need to find a new home.  

Lots to do..

See you Soon.

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