Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We have made some progress this week:
 The loom had been moved into its space, just don't look to the left of the picture, the mattress is leaning on the wall on the other side.  They come to get that on Monday.  The Boy moved some things out to the workshop and the carpet is dry in The Girl's room and everything can go back into place.

Paperwork is up to date! Knitting however is still behind.  I did  finished one cowl and Sweater #1.  I have been working on another little sweater, ripped it back twice and was about to give up, when 'The Boy' suggested I remove the yellow sections from the yarn.  Brilliant!  (The yarn is Liberty Wool, a lovely yarn but the colourway was not working for the pattern. You will understand once the sweater is done.) Just the button bands to finish and that will be sweater #2 done.  Sweater #3 is...well in a bag waiting.

New into the shop this week, sock yarn!  New colours of Supersocke and Jawoll!

Remember Sock yarn isn't always just for socks!

Hope you had a safe and Happy Halloween!

See you Soon!

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Paula said...

Love the 'jack-o-lantern' :)