Thursday, October 25, 2012


Life these past few weeks has been a just a little hectic, no great events, just stuff.  The house is in chaos and it all started when we brought home a 45" loom.  Right now it is in the middle of the room we like to call our Sun-room.  It is a lovely spot for it, loads of light and a nice view of the Farm.  The  problem is that it means no one can visit, and the Christmas tree will have to find a new place of honour.  The decision was made and we are moving things out of a very small bedroom/closet and finding new homes for those items; in other rooms, giving them away or throwing them out!  (It's a 30 year old mattress, no one wants it!)  But like everything else it means that while we are at it we may as well, clean out 'The Girl's' closet, steam clean the carpet in her room and make it into the spare bedroom, (That contains all her stuff!)

That's the house, there are Farm accounts to keep up to date and the shop is demanding more attention as knitting season is upon us.  Saturday I had made a plan of attack: 
1. Move the Loom out of the Sun-room
2. Finish one of the three sweaters I have on the go
3. Finish one cowl and start another
 and possibly finish the second Turkish bed sock 
4. Get caught up with the paper work!
  It was all too much.

Then the distraction happened, I had this great idea for a window, or at least part of the window display.  I could make fabric falling leaves.  I went through the scraps I have been accumulating and fused 'Autumnal' colours together and The Farmer and I cut out leaf shapes.  Then I decided they needed  some details embroidered on them, I found the perfect yarn!  We made 50. After hanging them in one window I decided we needed 20 more!  (This pretty much took up 3 evenings, so much for the knitting, cleaning and paperwork!.)

But aren't they pretty, I look forward to using them for many years!

A new Yarn arrived this week, I remember ordering it way back in June!  

October was coined Socktober by some in the knitting world, I missed that memo!

The shop is filled to the brim, and re-orders are pretty much every week or two, if its not in stock we can get it pretty quick, as long as the company has it in stock!

See you Soon.!

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Paula said...

I can't wait to get down to the shop, though it's going to be November before I get that way. I love the leaves, I wish I had a big window!