Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Too many Tulips?


This week there are celebrations all over The Netherlands. 70 years ago the country was finally free from the occupation during WW2.  

I am of Dutch descent, I was actually born in a small town in the northwest of The Netherlands.  My parents were very young children throughout the occupation.,

One story that I remember my Mother telling us:

She remembers the day that Liberation was confirmed and their town was free from the occupation. My Grandfather went up into the attic of their small home and retrieved all their precious things.  He had put them away to keep them safe; safe from harm and from the temptation to sell them to buy food.  I was given a set of teaspoons still beautifully packaged in a presentation box.  I can imagine them hiding in the attic for 5 years and then being Liberated in 1945!  

It was a terrible time, many Dutch citizens lost there lives through starvation and diseases caused by malnutrition. There were losses for Canadians too, as thousands lost their lives fighting for the freedom of another nation. They choose to come, they felt it was their duty.  Canadian Families lost their young men, just boys really. Canadians sent food, they made a home for the Dutch Royal Family.

Every year since 1945 the Dutch Government sends thousands of tulip bulbs to Canada, they are planted around the Government Buildings each fall. One year 'The Girl' planted Dutch Bulbs around the buildings as part of her job. 

There can never be too many Tulips as the people of The Netherlands could never thank the citizens of Canada enough. 

To all of you who were and are Soldiers, who have lost family members through service, who participated to ensure the freedom of all people , we are eternally grateful!

With my Beppe, about 1960.


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