Saturday, April 25, 2015

25 on the 25th

The internet is a great source for information, sometimes it's true?   The other day I was checking the weather and discovered that you could find a day and check to see its record breaking tempetures.  April 25, 1990 was a record breaking day as the tempetures reached 32degress Celscius.  I didn't really need to look up that particular date as I already knew that.  

Twenty Five years ago today not only was it the warmest April 25 it is the day that 'The Boy' was born. Being 9 months and 4 days pregnant you certainly remember those really warm days! 

Two big things happened that day not only was our second Child born, but this meant that 'The Farmer' had to stop planting peas on an absolutely perfect day to plant a crop.  'The Boy' was considerate enough to wait until after 5 pm to begin his entry and was born a few hours later giving his Dad enough rest to work the next day.

Today 'The Boy' is away from home and we will have to wait to celebrate with him next week.  

Happy Birthday Kid!

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