Wednesday, May 27, 2015


You know that phrase "when life gives you lemons make Lemonade"?

A while back we were given a lemon, a sock sample that was knit so poorly it was not suitable for display.  Even though you could say we received it as a 'free' sample, it still was not going to help us.

The nice people at Regia sell beautiful creative sock yarn.  If the shop owner orders enough a particular yarn you get a free sock for display. It makes sure that they sell a lot of yarn and because there is a sample already knit it makes it easier for the store to show customers how the yarn looks when knit.  (A win, win!)

This is the sock when it arrived:

Last week Betty showed us a sock she was knitting with the yarn at the right gauge!  Beautiful!

I really don't have time to knit a sample, besides it would cost me a ball of yarn to knit a sample sock.  (Just because I own a yarn shop the yarn still costs me money, plus now I am short one ball to sell!)  Then I was inspired.  Rip out the sample and re knit the yarn into another sock, or at least start one.
I cut the toe, ripped back the sock and began.

I had planned to finish it over the 'weekend' but left it at the shop.  Last night I knit as much as I wanted and gave it a quick soak to remove the wrinkles left from knitting with pre knit yarn
That's much better!  Did you notice that I managed to centre the design of the pattern into the sample, totally by accident.
See You soon.

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