Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Summer Knitting!

'It's interesting how we behave, we like to knit winter things in the winter and summer things in the summer.  We need our winter woollies when its cold why do we start to knit them when we are cold?  Same with summer things, we make them then, but there are fewer summer days?

It should be the other way around.  We should have been making our summery things in January!

I did start this wrap in April, I have been planning to make it since I was shown the yarn in January.

The pattern is Cordelia from Classic Elite Yarns.  It was an easy knit, but I have to admit that near the end I really pushed to get it done as the one row of K2tog, YO across the row was a bit of a drag!

The pattern does call for 4 balls of the Bella Lino yarn, but you could easily make it from 3.  Just remember to leave 25 grams for the last 2 rows and the bind off!

I think this will become part of my summer wardrobe!
How doI know that you need 25 grams for the last few rows? Its because I have that much left over.  I really liked using the yarn and thought I could do something else with what was left.  First I tried a cowl with an interesting construction, but it wasn't working out.

The I tried to make a triangle shawl, scarf thing but I wasn't happy with that either.

So then I tried something really radical, I got out the crochet hook and decided to attempt a summer cowl.  The 25 grams worked up really quickly, the pattern was okay. In my hurry to get something made I managed to create a loop with multiple twists.  

It really needs as second ball, but for now it's in 'time out' until I figure something else out.

I started this instead:

Biscotte & Cie sock yarn, the colour way is called 'Hallucination'.  It's lovely to work with I might try an after thought heel to keep the stripes even!
Go create something beautiful!

See you soon!

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