Tuesday, July 3, 2012


'The Boy' came home so we left for a couple of days to see 'The Girl'.  Being the Canada Day weekend getting a hotel room for the Saturday night was nearly impossible.  We opted to stay half way to her place on Saturday night and then move closer for the Sunday night stay.
 We visited a Rail Museum and the Lock system.
 We drove past grain handling systems.
 Walked along nature trails.
 A holiday with the Farmer is not complete without visiting some sort of farming museum (I like them too!)

The hotels had nice places to knit.
It was a lovely break and we did get sometime to visit 'The Girl' when she was available.  We came home with enough time to visit with 'The Boy' before he was off to his home and work.

I took an extra day to catch up with farm paperwork and the usual Monday stuff.  I dropped into Price's Market on the way home and they had new potatoes and beans!  Nothing like a supper of fresh Ontario Produce!

Tomorrow is Wednesday and means I am back into the shop.  Summer hours have changed, I close a little earlier on Wednesdays and Thursdays. ( I will stay later if you book an appointment.)

See you soon!

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