Monday, July 23, 2012


Before ‘The Girl’ went to University. Before back surgery, barn fire, store opening and ‘The Boy’s’ Big Adventure; our summer holidays were spent camping. By ‘camping’ I mean in a travel trailer up off the ground with hydro, most times. We began when ‘The Boy’ was just a toddler.  The first trailer we owned was a tiny 16 foot trailer with just enough room to carry our little family.  As the kids grew we searched for something bigger and in 2000 we purchased our current trailer. Vacations consisted of travelling to various Provincial parks within a 3 hour drive from our home. (We averaged about 6 days away each summer.) In 2002 we did the big vacation and travelled to the east coast, we were gone 13 days.

The last time we used the trailer was the summer of 2005.  I remember it was very hot.  That fall we packed the trailer away with full intentions of using it the following summer.  Then life happened.
After 6 summers of busy lives we finally had a chance to use trailer this vacation.  It was like being in a time warp.  Everything was still where we left it.  Dishes clean and ready to use. Toilet paper in the cupboard; rolls of foil and plastic wrap, coffee filters and paper plates all waiting.  Hanging on the walls in the back ‘room’ were the ‘pockets’ I made for the kids to store their small items, flashlight, book, sunglasses…

This was the first time we travelled without our children or the dog.  The trailer seemed empty and we were a little lost, where did the time go?

We found things to do but mostly we sat! The Farmer read and I knit.  We walked a few trails,rode our bikes around the park and managed to get our feet wet in the lake.  It was quiet and lovely, we did miss the kids and the dog.

What did I knit while we were away?   Well just like every vacation, it happened again. Just like before getting ready to go took so much work and time to get organized that I left my knitting selection to just before we were leaving.  In my head I had planned to work on the squares for an afghan I have been working on since last year, it needs just 4 more squares.  I checked the bag: the yarn and needles were there but the pattern was missing.  Quickly I check a couple of places, by this time the Farmer was waiting.  Okay plan B, there was no plan B.   I grab my current project and another bag filled with possibilities and my case of circular needles. 
What did I work on?  The Linen Stitch scarf I have been plugging away at since the July 1st weekend, a Liberty wool scarf I started last year. (The pattern is a challenge, one of those I like to call brain calisthenics!)  The Farmer and I wound up some linen/cotton blend to make some kitchen towels only to discover those patterns are next to my chair at home.  Finally I started another Travelling woman Shawl from some lace weight yarn I found buried at the bottom of my bag. 
I found the Travelling woman shawl in the pattern folder of the laptop I brought with us.  Do you know what else was in that file?  The Afghan pattern!

Vacations are lovely.  Thank-you for letting us take this one!

The next time the shop is closed for holidays, Labour Day Weekend!  Then Christmas ( only 5 months to go!)

It is back to work.
See You Soon.

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