Saturday, July 7, 2012

July Sale!

Wow! July has been hot, but it hasn't stopped the knitter's. Some are starting their gift giving knitting/crochet others are looking for vacation projects.  July is a month of waiting; waiting for the new yarns for Fall; then realizing that they all need a place inside this tiny shop.  In order to make room the clearance sale contines with further reductions on remaining stock.

What's on Sale?

in no particular order: (these are all yarns being cleared out, which means stock is limited)

Butterfly super 10 cotton   $5.00 each
Takhi Classic cotton          $4.00 each
Mirasol Sampa   $3.00
Sublime Soya Cotton Dk  $2.50 each
diamond luxury cotton      $2.50 each
Canata Cotton Crepe      $2.50 each

Wool and Wool Blends:

Tweedie Chunky $4.00 each
Nashua Julia  $5.00 each
Nature wool  $6.00 each
Tempo chunky $2.00 each

Selected sock yarns from $3.50 for 50 grams  to $10.00 for 100 grams.

That's a start.

Weekly specials for yarns that will continue into fall.

This week selected colours of Marble Chunky and Marble DK are 30% off.

I have been knitting, but its a slow project. 

Keep cool, I am enjoying the sound of the rain.
Farmers around here are a happy bunch today.

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